Turbo from MTV’s ‘The Challenge’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Turbo via Instagram Turabi Camkiran aka Turbo

MTV’s The Challenge, the long-running reality series has come back stronger than ever in Season 33 with the War of Worlds. While this cycle includes O.G. competitors like Johnny Bananas, C.T. Tamburello, and Cara Maria Sorbello, this international season invited 18 rookie contestants from all over the world. And while it’s hard to stand out in a group of fiercely competitive reality TV stars, Turabi Camkiran, aka “Turbo,” does it naturally.

Partnered up with seasoned MTV personality Nany Carmen Gonzalez, Turbo quickly became a fan favorite. Not only does he look like he could kill a man with his bare hands, he has a heart of gold, and actually respects women. Oh, and he’s single. So, move over Jenna and Zach, he will likely be one half of the next Challenge power couple.

If the 30-year-old warrior seems like a natural on camera, that’s because he cut his teeth winning not one, but two seasons of Survivor Turkey. With a background in Taekwondo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, it’s a safe bet that this beast of a competitor will make it quite far on War of the Worlds. The only question is… will he win the whole thing?

Here’s what you need to know about Turbo:

1. He is Basically A Turkish Bruce Lee

In addition to Taekwondo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and regularly hitting the gym, Turbo is a trained mixed martial arts fighter. He regularly posts videos on Instagram of his Muay-Thai fights and epically difficult work outs.

Turbo even trains underwater, and lifts the kind of weights his fellow Challenge contestants could only dream about. He is also superhero fast as a runner.

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A post shared by TURBO TURABİ (@turabi) on Feb 4, 2018 at 7:52am PST

Therefore, it’s unsurprising to learn Turbo won Survivor Turkey, and was again crowned champion when he returned to Survivor All Stars Turkey. Turbo almost won a third consecutive season, but had to exit the series early due to an injury.

In an interview with People Turbo explain, “I had an unfortunate injury near my tailbone and after several medical examinations, my boss Acun and the doctors told me that I couldn’t continue competing. The physical stress on my injury could [have] result[ed] in me becoming paralyzed.”

2. He  Competed as Break Dancer on ‘Turkey’s Got Talent’

Turbo is not just a fighter, he’s also a break dancer. On Turkey’s Got Talent, Turbo performed an aerial silk routine. While it may appear otherwise, Turbo is not just all brawn and muscle, he’s got a softer side, too.

“I have an artistic and creative side,” Turbo said. “I enjoy doing origami and craftsmanship, and I built an impressive boat myself from stray wood and tree leaves whilst living on the island during Survivor  and actually sailed that boat from one island to another. I also do free running, tricking and I worked as a bartender.”

A shorter list would include all the things Turbo CAN’T do. If you ever trapped on a desolate island, Turbo is the man you’d want to be by your side.

3. Turbo Loves His Partner Nany, But They Will Never Hook-Up

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It’s #thechallenge33 Day!

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While Turbo is single, and stealing fan’s hearts talking about his deep respect for partner Nany, it’s unlikely viewers will see their partnership blossom into a romance. At least, not this season.

Aside from the fact Nany is looking to hook up with Hunter, for reasons no sane person could ever explain, the Turkish athlete made it clear that he did join the show for drama. He is there to be the last man standing and win the $1 million prize money.

However, if a girl on The Challenge does manage to steal Turbo’s heart, she will be treated like a princess. On International Women’s Day, Turbo posted a bitmoji of himself holding a big heart with a caption that translated in English to read, “Women form half the world, the other half is their birth.”

Whenever Nany is talking, Turbo remains silent and listening. When she asks his opinion he says, “I always agree with you.” In the scene that sealed Turbo as new fan favorite Turbo said, “Here, I just care about my partner. I love her so much. She is very nice. I call her Mom. Because she always cares about me. She always explain everything.”

4. Turbo Serves the Best Commentary on The Challenge

Whether it’s on the show or Twitter, Turbo only says what he truly feels. Sure, it may be hard to understand him sometimes, but Turbo doesn’t mess around with sarcasm, and he doesn’t say things to to start drama. He offers genuine, unfiltered thoughts. When commenting on the Leroy/Kam/Theo love triangle Turbo said, “Kam, if you don’t choose one man, they are going to fight. And maybe? Someone will die.”

And while Turbo is a natural competitive fighter, he’s a respectful one. He follows the rules of good sportsmanship. Turbo respects the people who come at him in person, but has not time for competitors who talk behind his back.

If Turbo doesn’t like someone on the show, he will tell that person to his or her face. And if that someone feels confident enough to challenge Turbo to an elimination… Well, godspeed.

5. Turbo’s Entire Family is His Official Fan Club

Turbo is from a Mersin Province on the Mediterranean side of Turkey, and while Turbo continues to make a name for himself in America, his family supports his ventures from back home. And not with just a post here and there, they are actually his biggest fans.

Mehmet Camrikan, who looks like carbon copy of Turbo, fills his Twitter and Instagram page with videos and posts about his brother. Even his bio reads: “Turbo Turabi Team” with a link to Turbo’s YouTube channel.

While Turbo is destined to be a big star stateside, with over a half-million followers on Instagram, he will always be a proud Turkish athlete, and his familial support is much like his work-out routine, extremely intense and never-ending.

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