Twitter Reacts to Jonas Brothers’ New Single ‘Sucker’

Getty Jonas Brothers' Reunion

Jonas Brothers are back. Less than 24 hours after announcing their reunion, the trio released their new single “Sucker”, and the internet is overwhelmed. Fans are overjoyed to have the pop group back together, with many feeling that they haven’t lost a step despite their five year hiatus. Check out some of the best Twitter reactions below.

Leading up to the song’s release, fans used gifs and memes to express how excited they were that the Jonas Brothers were putting out new music. Several of them used gifs of people overreacting or running around frantically to convey the anticipation that the group has set in motion with their return.

Fans Loved the New Single & Were Overjoyed By the Group’s Return

Another popular meme that arose around the time of the Jonas Brothers’ reunion was of member Nick Jonas wearing a t-shirt with a photo of John Stamos, who is, himself, wearing a Jonas Brothers shirt. “This man is really wearing a sweatshirt with a picture of John Stamos wearing a Jonas Brothers shirt on it. WE STAN!!!!!,” wrote one user.

Another tweeted out: “Nick Jonas knows what he’s doing…. he knows the power the Jonas Brothers will have in 2k19.. he knows they snapped.. he knows we ain’t ready for what’s REALLY to come..” Check out additional tweets below.

Memes of Nick Jonas Wearing Jonas Brothers Merch Has Fans Going Crazy

The unabashed love that fans have shown for the new single has also led to speculation that the Jonas Brothers will be going on a 2019 reunion tour. Some have already begun talking about how they will pay whatever price they have to to get front row seats to a Jonas Brothers concert, while others joked that they have been patiently waiting five years for the opportunity to see them live. “Ok seriously, now that the Jonas Brothers are back together I HAVE to see them live idc idc idc,” wrote one eager fan.

“Everyone tould me years ago that the @jonasbrothers broke up… I told them they only take a break… Aaaand I was right,” wrote another user who was relieved to see the trio back. “They only took a break… A very long break… But they are back and I knew it.” Others hoped that the Jonas Brothers would reunite with their old Disney Channel peers Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato for a nationwide tour. “I want a reunion throwback tour with @jonasbrothers @MileyCyrus & Demi Lovato RIGHT NOW,” they wrote.

Fans Are Eagerly Awaiting the Announcement of a Jonas Brothers 2019 Tour

Others focused on how the group’s reunion has made them reflect on their fandom as a whole. “@jonasbrothers getting back together is helping me understand the definition of the word Stan,” they wrote.

“I genuinely did not understand how crazed someone could be for another human with an elevated talent but them getting back together has enlightened me.”

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