Arrested Development: Was Lucille ‘2’ Austero on that Paper Maeby Found at Stan Sitwell’s? [PHOTOS]

Lucille 2 Austero


Something strange happened in Episode 14 of Arrested Development Season 5, and it’s not brought up again. Maeby found a paper in a drawer in Stan Sitwell’s room that’s pretty confusing. Read on to see the photos and learn more.

When Maeby found the paper, the narrator said that while packing, “Maeby came across something of Stan Sitwell’s from before she moved in.” And Maeby just says, “So if these people really disappeared, that means there’s an ocean view available.”

Here are the photos. The quality isn’t great, but they give you a good review of what she saw.



And yes, the photo is Lucille Austero:


It’s unclear what these papers mean. Has Stan Sitwell been tracking everyone who’s disappeared in the retirement community? Or has he been causing their disappearance? It’s unclear.

But what is clear is that a lot of people have gone missing from the retirement community, not just Lucille 2, whose apartment Maeby’s living in. So Lucille Austero’s disappearance might have nothing to do with the suspects we’ve been focused on, but something else entirely.

Some fans have pointed out that the Stan Sitwell storyline has been a little odd for a while. He was the Bluths’ main business rival, so how is he now living in a retirement community and acting so odd? Some think it’s all been an act.

Some fans think that Stan killed Lucille 2. They point out that when he first saw Maeby at the retirement home in Season 5 Episode 4, he said that he was confused about why she was there. He told Maeby: “I must admit, I’m a little confused right now. Our agreement was that this place would revert back to me once Lucille [dramatic music plays] gave up her interest.”

Fans also point out that Stan suddenly not being able to hear is a new development too. Maeby said he couldn’t hear them because he needed hearing aids, and the show never mentioned Stan having hearing problems before. Sure, it could have developed. But maybe it was a ruse.

On Reddit, viewer u/ataridc wrote: “If you notice he acts more like himself in his scene’s with Sally Sitwell. It could be a ruse, or just some unexplained plot development that hasn’t come along yet.” 

The paper that Maeby found really does make Stan seem a lot more suspicious. Something else is definitely going on.

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