What Year Does ‘The Orville’ Take Place?

The Orville S2E11

Fox The Orville S2E11

Tonight’s episode of The Orville features the cast opening a time capsule from 2015. This, of course, will cause fans to wonder just how far ahead in the future the show takes place. The show is currently in the year 2420 or just slightly later, which puts the time capsule as being about 400 years old. Read on for more details.

The date when The Orville premiered, in-universe, was September 10, 2419. We know this because the press kits released in 2017 before the show premiered noted that the ship’s launch date was going to be on September 10, 2419 (and the show itself was premiering on September 10, 2017.)

The Orville Wiki has a great breakdown showing all the biggest dates in the show’s history. They estimate, based on these dates, that season 2 likely starts around August 2420. Here are some of the major dates in the show, noted by the wiki:

  • Cancer is eradicated in 2056 (Season 1 Episode 3, About a Girl)
  • The Envall and the Planetary Union agree that the Envall will stay away from worlds with nitrogen in 2370, the same year Mercer is born. (Episode 2×10)
  • Ock’or is added to the Calivon Zoo menagerie in 2388 (1×3)
  • The Krill launch a surprise attack on a Union outpost
  • Kelly’s affair was in the fall of 2418
  • Ed Mercer became captain of The Orville in September 2419
  • Season 1 ended in the spring of 2420

What would you want to see in a 400-year-old time capsule?

We’ll also see a version of USA Today that was put in the time capsule tonight.

I like this prediction:

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