Do Whitney & Buddy Finally Kiss Tonight on My Big Fat Fabulous Life?

Whitney Thore

Screenshot of Trailer Buddy and Whitney kiss during Season 6 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life.

Do Whitney Thore and Buddy Bell finally hook up in tonight’s episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life? By the looks of the promo, the big kiss they shared in the season trailer might finally happen.

Fans of MBFFL have long questioned whether the two would ever hook up, and the trailer for the newest episode confirms that Whitney has feelings for her friend, and she admits that there is chemistry between her and Buddy. Her friend Ashley Baynes even says in the season promo (below) for MBFFL that Whitney has an “undeniable crush” on him. Hunter Thore, Whitney’s brother, believes the two “should just date.”

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The newest promo for tonight’s episode finally shows a little bit more of the scene leading up to the kiss. We can’t 100% confirm that the two will kiss, but seeing as they are both wearing the same clothes as they do in the season trailer, and sitting on the same bench, we can assume that it will finally happen.

“Am I like, in a rom-com?” Whitney asks the cameras in a trailer for tonight’s episode. “Is this that moment where there’s some girl looking at her best guy friend who’s like, really handsome, and super nice and he loves and protects her and takes out her trash and she for whatever reason is like, ‘we’re only friends with each other.’ Still.”

The promo cuts to scenes of the two goofing around throughout the last few seasons, showing Buddy licking ice cream off Whitney’s arm, defending her when someone makes a comment about her weight, telling Whitney he loves her, and even making a pack to marry someday.

“Don’t you think Buddy’s cute?” her mom asks her in another clip. “He really likes you.”

In another solo interview, Whitney tells the cameras “I’ve seen enough rom-coms (romantic comedies) to know that girl should always date that guy.”

The two then have a “moment,” where Whitney scoots closer to him on the bench and tells him she “felt a feeling.” Buddy jokes that she looks like he just asked her to marry him, and she says she wasn’t exactly going down that road, but says “I was going to ask you if I could kiss you actually.”

The scene cuts away before anything happens, although we know from the season 5 trailer that they do actually kiss.

Whitney Way Thore, Whitney Thore, Whitney Thore boyfriend

On this season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Thore will bring the spotlight on the romantic side of her life as well. Her boyfriend will be featured regularly on the show and Thore recently explained dating in a Cosmopolitan article. She wrote, “Don’t assume that someone is lacking self confidence because they are bigger. ​We still want to go out and do fun stuff like dancing, and hiking.” (Instagram)

Fans of the show know Buddy and Whitney have a long history. They’ve been friends for years even lived together before Buddy went to rehab. Whitney admitted to being wary of Buddy’s girlfriend Chelsea, who he recently split up with but whom he dated throughout the first half of the season and claimed he would “marry yesterday” if he could.

Whitney also shared with Buddy how lonely she’d been feeling, and while they were in Alaska they decided to sneak away from their friends and family and spend an evening together in Anchorage, where they shared a hotel and got matching “engagement” somethings.

Their little hotel getaway has fans wondering if the two finally made it official, got together and got engaged. One scene showed Buddy revealing that they just “got matching engagement …” But before he could finish his sentence, Whitney interrupted him and said, “Don’t tell them!”

According to Soap Dirt, Whitney and Buddy may have gotten matching tattoos and this could be their way of announcing their engagement. However, they could also be messing with viewers who have been wanting them to become a couple for so long and whatever matching something they got could be just for fun.

What do you think about Buddy and Whitney’s relationship? Do you think they are finally together, and possibly engaged, or just messing with viewers? Let us know in the comments below, and tune in tonight at 8/7c to catch the newest episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life.

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