Why Isn’t ‘When Calls the Heart’ on Tonight? When Does It Return?

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If you’re tuning in tonight to watch When Calls the Heart, you’re going to be disappointed. Instead of a new episode, Hallmark is airing encores of two romance movies, Unleashing Mr. Darcy and Love Once and Always. In addition, Meet the Peetes also isn’t on tonight, because it’s been moved to Monday nights. But what happened to When Calls the Heart?

When Calls the Heart isn’t on tonight. In fact, the rest of Season 6 has been put on hiatus while Hallmark determines what to do after star Lori Loughlin’s indictment in the Operation Varsity Blues scandal. It’s unclear exactly when the show is returning. Early reports indicated that only this week’s episode was being pulled, but any Heartie knows that Loughlin’s character plays a role in every episode.

Loughlin plays Abigail, a central character on When Calls the Heart. Hallmark has let Loughlin go following allegations that she was involved in the “Operation Varsity Blues” scandal. That includes ending her Garage Sales Mysteries series. But When Calls the Heart is not canceled – it’s just delayed. Crown Media said in a statement that they were no longer working with Loughlin, and had stopped development of all productions involving her.

Loughlin was filming for Hallmark when she surrendered to the FBI and was arraigned in federal court in Los Angeles. She was released on a $1 million bond, Deadline reported.

Hallmark has said that the series is NOT airing today, while they determine what to do next.

However, Hallmark is NOT canceling the series.

What’s unclear is when the show will return. We know that Hallmark can keep the show going even when a major character leaves, like when Daniel Lissing chose to leave and Jack had to be killed off. But it’s unclear what the show will do regarding Abigail.

Hallmark could choose to air the remaining episodes of the season, or cut the scenes involving Abigail and refilm them. It’s the timing of this happening after filming for Season 6 that makes things complicated. All of Season 6 was already filmed and wrapped by Halloween, with filming having started in July 2018. In fact, filming for Season 7 was likely going to start in just a few months.

That leaves Hallmark with a few choices. They can kill off Abigail and cut all the scenes she was in, which would require quite a bit of reshooting. They can recast her, which would require reshooting most of the season. Or they could just start over in July and redo most of Season 6 from the point where they left off, which might mean a year’s delay for the show. Hallmark is known for being able to turn around productions pretty quickly, with some movies just being filmed a few months before they air. So if they decided to cut Abigal’s scenes and re-film some shots, that might mean just a couple months delay. But at this point, that’s all speculation. What we know for certain is that the show isn’t on tonight and it’s not clear when it’s returning.

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