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World of Dance


World of Dance, NBC’s competitive and highly-rated dance competition, introduced a new twist for redemption rounds this season, which gives about-to-be-eliminated contestants a chance to make a comeback.

“In the past, we’ve lost some really, really great acts,” World of Dance judge Derek Hough told Hollywood Life in a recent interview. “In the Duels, we might have had two acts competing against each other and one has to go home, and now we are able to save somebody.”

Here’s how the new twist for redemption works, according to Women’s Health Mag: The two highest-scoring competitors that didn’t win will get a second chance to move on to The Cut by competing in a head-to-head direct battle.

For those who need a refresher, The Cut is just two rounds shy of the World Final, which is the round where the winner gets to take home to $1 million grand prize. During The Cut, contestants are matched with different mentors to help prune, practice and finalize their next performance, so it’s a pretty important round. So for the dancers who are hoping to advance their careers beyond the show, getting a second chance to showcase their talent and snag a spot in The Cut is a pretty big deal.

“What’s so exciting about that is it’s like a do-or-die mentality that just brings out the most dramatic, the most exciting moments in the show,” Hough told Hollywood Life.

The way the show has normally dealt with eliminations, especially during this point in the competition, involves sending whoever wins to the next round, and whoever loses home, despite their talent and worth.


“Because the Duels are a head-to-head round, your chances of success are only as good as who you’re up against,” Gold Derby reports. “So a performer could theoretically win with a score of 81 if their opponent gets an 80, while another performer could lose with a score of 99 if their opponent gets a perfect 100.”

Because of that reason, World of Dance decided to implement the Twist for Redemption to give competitors a chance to compete for a second chance. Of the five acts that are eliminated in each division, the two highest scorers will get to compete against each other for one last wild-card spot.

During last week’s episode, Denise and Josh faced off against Briar Nolet, and although Denise and Josh had the opportunity to make a comeback, they didn’t quite live up to their first performance. Ultimately, Briar Nolet won the redemption round and was given the chance to move on to the next round.

Check out last week’s results below:

Advancing to the Cut:
— All Ready — 92.3
— Poppin John — 91.3
— Jonathan y Jorge — 90.7
— Derion and Madison — 90.0
— D’Angelo Brothers — 89.7
— Briar Nolet — Redemption

— DD Flection
— Denise and Josh
— Derek Piquette
— Tobias and the EZTwins

Tune in Sundays at 8/7c to catch the final episodes of World of Dance, only on NBC.

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