World of Dance Voting System: How Do the Votes & Scoring Work on the Show?

World of Dance voting


World of Dance season 2 is underway, and its contestants have moved on to the duels phase of the competition. Scoring the performances tonight, to determine which acts will advance, are judges Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo, and Derek Hough.

According to This Is WOD, the scoring system takes five categories into consideration when awarding points: performance, technique, choreography, creativity, presentation. Jennifer Lopez says that breaking the system up in this way makes it easier to judge different dance styles against one another. Acts can earn up to 20 points in each category, for a max total score of 100 points. In order to qualify, dancers need a score of at least 85 points out of 100.

Tonight is the first night of duels, and the description for the episode reads “On the first night of the duels, top acts from the upper division face off against a rival in an elimination duel; with the new twist of redemption, the two highest-scoring eliminated acts will have the chance to compete for a spot in the next round.” For the duels, acts will be scored against one another, with the lower scoring act of the two in each head-to-head leaving the competition and the higher scoring one advancing to “The Cut” phase.

This season, there is also a new opportunity for “redemption.” The top two scores from each division’s eliminated acts will earn them another opportunity to duel for a spot back in the competition. So, for example, an act with a score of 96 that gets knocked out by an act with a score of 98 can compete one more time for a place in “The Cut,” if that 96 is the highest or second-highest score out of the eliminated acts in their division.

To score well, Derek Hough told that “What is needed is a perfect combination of the ‘tions.’ Creation. Dedication. Innovation. Motivation. Preparation. The performance has to have to that ‘WOW’ factor,” adding that “At the end of the day we still judge on musicality, technicality, synchronicity, creativity, costumes, choreography. We’re looking at the most competitive season ever on World of Dance.”

There is no audience voting in the competition so who stays and who goes is based solely on how the judges scored each performance. This eliminates the popularity element from the show, making it a stand-out against other dance and performance-based television competitions currently on the air.

To separate the competition based on age and training, the acts have been divided into three different divisions: Junior (acts of any size, with participants under 17 years old), Upper (acts of 1-4 people, ages 18 and older), and Team (acts of 5 or more people, 18 years or older). Acts will not compete against acts outside of their designated division until the Grand Final.

Tune in to new episodes of World of Dance season 3 on NBC, Sunday nights at 8/7c.

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