50 Cent’s DJ Got Industry Threats After Releasing This Record

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50 Cent is probably one of the most brilliant minds you’ll ever meet. The creator of the Starz Network hit show, Power, 50 Cent’s brought you hits like: ‘In Da Club,’ ‘Wanksta,’ ‘Candy Shop,’ ’21 Questions,’ and a ton more.

Those songs are fan favorites, but one of the most underrated songs that 50 ever put out never went mainstream was ‘How To Rob.’

‘How To Rob’ was a single off 50’s Power of the Dollar album, 50 Cent’s first album.

Yes, his first album! Get Rich or Die Trying was 50’s second album. Power of the Dollar was originally set to be released in 2000 via Columbia Records.

It never dropped though because Columbia Records found out that 50 was shot nine times. Columbia dropped him, a huge mistake on Columbia’s part and a gain by 50 who went on to have a huge career with he and G Unit.

How To Rob – 50 Cent [Music Video]This is a music video I made for 50 Cent's "How To Rob" off of his "Power of the Dollar" album.2008-11-08T03:43:36.000Z

Quips at folks like late rapper ODB, hip hop legend Lil Kim, gospel singer Kirk Franklin, Bishop T.D. Jakes and other notables like Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith and even late rapper Heavy D was 50’s way in the late ninetys/early 2000s that he was hungry and he was coming!

Heck, 50 let you know what time it was with lines like:

“The bottom line is I’m a crook with a deal. If my record don’t sell I’mma rob and steal. You better recognize, n***a, I’m straight from the street. These industry n***as is starting to look like something to eat.I’ll snatch Kim and tell Puff, ”You want to see her again? Get your ass down to the nearest ATM.”


“I’ll rob Pun without a gun, snatch his piece then run/This n**** weigh 400 pounds, how he gonna catch me, son?”

And a chorus that said:

“This ain’t serious/Being broke can make you delirious/So we rob and steal so our ones can be bigger/50 Cent, how it feel to rob an industry n***a?”

Did you know that Sirius/XM’s DJ Whoo Kid broke that record?

“You gotta imagine him just giving me that record and I’m like: ‘I gotta play this? Like you serious,” DJ Whoo Kid told me on Scoop B Radio.

“And I’m like alright as long as you got my back.”

Whoo Kid caught hell for releasing that track too!

“I was getting like threats, texts, you get like a phone call and then somebody hang up, like all kinds of craziness,” DJ Whoo Kid said.

“Part of it, cause, like dealing with 50 Cent and remember, I used to DJ for like CNN, Capone-N-Noreaga before that and they went through like hell. Those guys were like killing and shooting and before that, I was with Juvenile. So I’m like super old school. I can’t even believe I even did all that s**t. But um rolling with Juvenile, he introduced me to the south and all the violence they do and white chicks, like I didn’t know what a white girl was until I met Juvenile because he had [the song] ‘Back That Ass Up.’”

‘How To Rob’ appeared in a movie too.

In Too Deep | 'Shots Fired' (HD) – Omar Epps, LL Cool J | MIRAMAXPreston wants to pull Cole out after an assignment is botched, but Cole refuses to blow his cover. In this scene: Jeff Cole / J. Reid (Omar Epps), Preston D'Ambrosio (Stanley Tucci) About In Too Deep: Officer Jeff Cole is given a dangerous mission: infiltrate the syndicate of "God", the charismatic and deadly crime lord…2016-12-09T21:00:02.000Z


It was on the soundtrack for the film, In Too Deep, which starred Omar Epps, LL Cool J and Nia Long.

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