‘American Idol’ 2019 Top 10 Winner Predictions

American Idol 2019 Top 10


Tonight, American Idol 2019 narrows its top 14 winners down to the top 10 contestants. Last night, the remaining contestants each performed for America’s votes and we have our predictions, based on polls and last night’s performances. Some of the front-runners, according to Gold Derby voters, this season, are Alejandro Aranda, Laine Hardy, and Jeremiah Harmon.

Laine Hardy started out the show with some country music, decked out in a snazzy blazer, and the judges ate it up. Hardy talked about his evolution from his experience last season on the show. Next up was Evelyn Cormier, who delivered a unique performance of Jimmy Eat World’s “In the Middle”. She talked about her previously being a part of the reality show 90 Day Fiance but said she’d much rather be recognized for her singing. Cormier’s husband cheered her on from the crowd and the judges enjoyed her performance skills. Katy Perry applauded Cormier’s song choice, calling it a “crowd-pleaser”.

Alyssa Raghu was the third performer of the night and she is another contestant who was on American Idol in the past. Before her performance, she said that she’s so excited to have made it so far and she credits her family with being her support system. Raghu took the stage and performed a Sara Bareilles song, slowing things down a bit. There weren’t any huge, powerful moments in the song, but she did a good job in the performance. Katy Perry encouraged Raghu to keep playing with her dynamics.

Eddie Island was up next. In a video package, he talked about his childhood and his struggle with weight loss. After shedding his weight, he had more confidence and felt better about himself. The singer then hit the stage to perform Elton John’s “Benny and the Jetts”. His vocals weren’t totally on pitch, but he brought great energy to his performance. Perry said that she thought his nerves may have gotten to him a bit but she gushed over the execution of the performance, nonetheless.

Riley Thompson is a cheerleader and highschooler, and she talked about her biggest fan, her little sister. As her little sis watched from the audience, Thompson performed the country song “Suds in the Bucket”. Judge Luke Bryan complimented Thompson’s song choice. It was a sweet performance and Lionel Richie said that Thompson is “crushing it”.

Wade Cota was next and he talked about how he used to perform heavy metal before he got into singing the way he does today. For his performance, he delivered a rendition of a song called “Trouble”, with his delightfully raspy vocals. Cota accompanied his singing by playing the guitar and it was a well-rounded performance. Lionel Richie called the performance “powerful”, while Katy Perry called it “emotional” and “strong”.

Dimitrius Graham, the designated “resident Opera singer” on the show, then discussed his love of Opera. He said that he was blessed to have his mother behind him so that he didn’t go down a bad path. Graham, a retail associate from Baltimore, delivered a beautiful rendition of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”. The judges were fans of the performance and we definitely see him moving on in the competition.

Madison Vandenburg, who has been compared to Kelly Clarkson, talked about her parents’ divorce in her video package. She said she has a great relationship with both parents but wished they could have stayed together. For her performance, she sang “Fallin” by Alicia Keys and took to the piano. The performance was pretty much flawless and Luke Bryan said he got goosebumps from her set. Vandenburg did not disappoint and proved why she’s made it so far in the competition.

When it was time for Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon to perform, he talked about how his homosexuality had caused an estrangement in his family. He said that recently, he was able to reconnect with them and felt accepted. Harmon then took the stage and played the piano as he sang. Katy Perry was brought to tears by the performance and said that she is “so proud” of Harmon. She said that his talent and story are “everything”. Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan were gushing over Harmon as well, calling him a star. They each said they felt honored and blessed to be able to watch him perform.

Uche was the next performer and he said that the judges’ indecisiveness over his status on the show has lit a fire under him. He said that he doesn’t think he’s the best singer in the competition but he said that he puts his whole heart into his performances. Uche then brought a fun energy to the stage with some dance moves and sass, as he sang Bruno Mars’ “Finesse”. He had all three judges out of their chairs, dancing to his performance. Katy Perry pretended to collapse and the audience carried on applause that lasted longer than any of the other performances. Then, Luke Bryan got up and hugged Uche’s family. Lionel Richie called Uche “the show stoppers”. Clearly, Uche is a talented performer.

Alejandro Aranda has been a front-runner this season and he talked about how his audition on the show went viral. He said he felt humbled and the entire experience has been surreal. Up until this performance, Aranda has performed more “chill” songs. He said he wanted to incorporate a little more electronic into his performance. Though we feel Aranda’s had better performances, the judges, who are all fans of his, enjoyed Aranda’s “versatility”. Katy Perry called Aranda a “true artist”.

The next performer was Ashley Hess and she said that music has always been a part of her life. She said that her boyfriend, James, was previously on American Idol and he has been a major supporter of hers. For Hess’ top 14 performance, she sat at the piano and performed “Fix You” by Coldplay. The judges felt that Hess’ performance was strong and genuine.

Laci Booth then performed and talked about random things in her video package, from her spray tan to her large family. For her performance, Booth delivered a slow and unique rendition of Blink 182’s song “I Miss You”. After the set, Katy Perry called her “timeless”, “beautiful”, and the definition of “Idol”. Booth started to tremble and cry over the compliments from the judges.

Walker Burroughs was the closer of the night. He said that he’s had to put a pause on school and his social life since being on the show. Burroughs started to cry as he talked about missing his friends and family but he said that the rewards of being on the show outweigh everything. “Climb Every Mountain” was his song choice for the evening and it proved to fit him perfectly.

Our favorites for the top 10 winners this season are:

Alejandro Aranda
Madison Vandenburg
Laci Booth
Laine Hardy
Wade Cota
Dimitrius Graham
Walker Burroughs
Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon
Ashley Hess

Tune in to ABC tonight to find out who ends up in the top 10.