Angela on My 600 Lb. Life – Season 7 Episode 15

Angela Gutierrez, My 600 Lb. Life

TLC/Screenshot Angela Gutierrez is the subject of tonight's episode of My 600 Lb. Life. Read on for more information on Gutierrez's life and journey to lose weight and be healthy.

Angela Gutierrez, an Ohio native, is the subject of tonight’s episode of My 600 Lb. Life. Gutierrez recently moved to Houston to seek out the help of celebrity bariatric surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, most commonly known as Dr. Now, to try to shed some weight and get her health back on track. But will she qualify for Dr. Now’s operation? Gutierrez will have to lose over 100 pounds in one month to show Dr. Now that she means business.

The synopsis for tonight’s episode reads: “When Angela’s family is unable to accompany her on her weight-loss journey to Texas she is unsure what to do.  At the last minute, she reaches out to an old flame, Eric, who still has love for her and is willing to make the trip.”

The promo description claims Gutierrez’s commitment to her family has “forced her own health to take a backseat,” and now she has decided to put herself first and focus on losing weight and getting healthy once again.

“It’s just not human to be this fat,” she tells the cameras in a heartbreaking clip from tonight’s episode. “I’m not human.” She continues: “This is it. If I don’t do this right now then just sign my death certificate.”

Although Gutierrez’s family cannot make the trip to Houston to support her throughout her weight-loss journey, she finds support and encouragement from an old love interest, Eric, who still cares for Gutierrez and decides to come along on the trip. Unfortunately, when the two arrive at the hotel in Houston, they were promised a room with handicapped bathroom facilities but didn’t get one, which upsets Gutierrez.

My 600-lb Life – AngelaMy 600-lb Life – Angela airs Wednesday on TLC2019-04-10T01:34:43.000Z

Eric goes off to try to figure out the room situation and Gutierrez breaks down crying about the bathroom, saying that there is no way she’d be able to get in the shower.

“When you’re driving in the van, with blankets tucked up under your folds and your mess, you are sweaty, I don’t care if it’s AC, you want to be clean and you don’t feel clean. A person my size … I don’t care how much you clean, you’re dirty,” a tearful Gutierrez tells the cameras. “This is not a handicapped room.”

During tonight’s episode, it’s also revealed that Gutierrez has been dealing with other health issues on top of the morbid obesity, and she also suffers from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) which takes an even bigger toll on her joints and spine, on top of the strain from carrying the extra weight.

Although it is unclear at this time if Gutierrez finished Dr. Now’s program and successfully lost the weight she set out to lose, her Facebook page looks promising. She appears to be back in Ohio, spending time with family and posting selfies on Facebook, all of which are flooded with comments of how beautiful and happy Gutierrez is looking now.

Tune in tonight to catch Gutierrez’s story on My 600-lb Life, which airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC.

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