Avicii’s Girlfriend, Tereza Kacerova: Where Is She Now?

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Tereza Kacerova Instagram

Avicii’s girlfriend, Tereza Kacerova, has a young son named Luka and is a model. She was dating Avicii, also known as Tim Bergling, at the time of his death, a fact unknown to most of the world until she released a series of photos following the news of his suicide, photos which showed his relationship both with her and her son, too.

Now, Kacerova appears to still be modeling. She’s active on Instagram, and recently wrote a post about how she has been coping with Bergling’s death. You can read that post in full below.

Following Bergling’s tragic death, Kacerova penned a tribute to her late boyfriend on Instagram, explaining in part that she “was always very set on keeping [their] relationship private,” and that she “wanted it to be OURS and ours only and wanted no part in that madness.”

She only intended to make their relationship public when she became pregnant with their first child, she said (Luke is not Bergling’s birth father), sadly noting, “Ohhh how that plan went awry.”

Here’s what you need to know about where Kacerova is, just under a year after Bergling’s death:

READ: Kacerova’s Instagram About Coping With Bergling’s Death

On April 3, 2019, Kacerova wrote a length Instagram post explaining how the last year had stripped her of the “pink lenses” she used to see life through.

The post reads in full,

I used to see life with pink lenses – and to a large extent I still do. But last year, something so tragic happened that it’s been hard to always look at the world the same way… Before, if I got into a fender-bender or got cut from a commercial (losing all residuals), I would shrug it off. “Whatever — my son is healthy, the sun is shining, I get to TRAVEL. Life is all-around incredible and this means NOTHING in the grand scheme of things!!!” Since the incident, it’s become a lot easier for my mind to sometimes wonder if maybe it isn’t the other way around…maybe life is just all-around sad and things like Luka, sunshine, adventure are just bright spots within it? I started seeing the pain in everything — Luka’s when he has to go to bed but wants to keep playing, mine when I have to run to stay healthy, my homeless friends’ in the memories that haunt them. And once I focused on the misery, it was harder to notice the blessings.

I’d think and think and overthink: So which way is it? Was I too optimistic before or am I too pessimistic now? Is the universe sending me all this negativity as a way to test me, or to punish me or to prepare me for something greater? ANd if that’s the case and everything happens for a reason, then the universe must KNOW what’s going to happen next — which means is there even free will?! And if there isn’t…then what’s the point…of anyhing? I would spiral into these existential crises…

The reason I am saying this is because I did not want to be this new, saddened, cynical version of myself.

Mindset is EVERYTHING and though I’m not depressed anymore (which transcendental meditation pulled me out of — let me know if you want me to explain about that too), I wanted my pink lenses back.

So I went to see a hypnotherapist.

She explained that 5-12% of the mind is conscious. That’s the part that plans and thinks. 88-95% of the mind is SUBCONSCIOUS. Patterns! Habits! Emotions! It funcions based on associations which means if it has been hurt before by X, it will plan a route for us to avoid X forever.  The eperiences which have shaped our subconscious mind will overpower our conscious mind when we are judging or making decisions. Confusing? Ok, here is a simple example: The conscious mind could say ‘this is a nice man, give him a chance’ but the subconscious mind would swoop in and yell ‘ARE YOU CRAZY, what about all the pain men have caused you in the past? Remember those feelings? Give NO chances to ANY men EVER again.’ So emotions like anxiety are not weaknesses— it’s the most primitive parts of our brain in survival mode, PROTECTING US.

Therefore, if we can REWIRE the subconscious to whispers us things like ‘give everyone the benefit of the doubt’ instead of ‘trust nobody’, our entire outlook on life can be changed. I am finally getting released from this place where I can’t find those damn pink sunglasses!!!!!

I 1,000,000% recommend that whoever can, GO DO THIS FOR YOURSELVES.

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