Best Wardrobe Solutions on Shark Tank: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

ABC Cedric Cobb pitches Best Wardrobe Solutions on 'Shark Tank.'

Best Wardrobe Solutions is a fashion technology company owned by Cedric Cobb. He will be appear on Shark Tank to pitch the company, in the hopes that an investor will help him expand his reach.

Best Wardrobe Solutions is an app that lets men purchase fashion accessories, as well as see how to properly arrange and wear them. Read on to learn more about Cobb, his background, and his hopes for expanding the fashion company moving forward.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Best Wardrobe Solutions Helps Men Shop for Clothes Online

Best Wardrobe Solutions is an app that provides men with access to fashion accessories and wardrobe resources. According to the official website, the app is tailored to meet every personal and professional style need a man could need, with added features like How-to Videos, Man Cave, Style Guide, Job Readiness, Entrepreneurship, and a Mobile Online Store.

Shark Tank Blog says that the idea behind the app is to get men to buy ties, pocket squares, collar stays, belts, and shoes that best suit their lifestyle. The top-selling product that the company has is the Best Pocket Square Holder, which keeps the breast pocket kerchief in place and looking sharp. They currently sell for $19.99 on Amazon and come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Best Wardrobe Solutions is currently offering a Shark Tank special, in which you can buy two Pocket Square Holders and two Pocket Squares for $44.99. It is twenty dollars cheaper than the normal price, and it comes with free shipping.

2. Cobb Thought Up the Company While Watching ‘The Steve Harvey Show’ In 2013

Cobb came up with the idea for Best Wardrobe Solutions in 2013, when he was watching an episode of The Steve Harvey Show. He noticed that the pocket holder on Harvey’s suit was out of place, and questioned why there wasn’t a device that existed to secure it. Cobb ran the idea by friends and family, and determined that most men struggle to keep their pocket square in place when they’re wearing a suit.

“100 percent of men have the same problem – pocket squares do not stay in place unless you have something to hold it there,” Cobb told the St. Louis American. “And there was no dignified solution that existed on the market that would allow a man to hold his pocket square in place, to look good all day long and not fight with a little 10×10 piece of material in his pocket.”

Cobb also said that the Best Wardrobe Solutions solves the problem while adding a modicum of style. “We’ve not only been able to solve a problem with them, but give them another dimension to their look with the Best Pocket Square Holder,” he explained.

3. Cobb Believes That Proper Dress Is Crucial to Professional Success

Cobb said that he developed a passion for business after he visited a flea market in his teens. His mother, who was a seamstress and entrepreneur, taught him how to properly greet people and negotiate prices. “I fell in love with business and connecting people’s needs to a product or service,” he recalled.

Today, Cobb has over 20 years of experience in corporate sales, management and wardrobe consulting. He feels that proper dress is crucial to success in each of these fields. “When you dress well and you feel like you look good, you feel good,” he explained. “When you feel good, you are more confident. When you are more confident, you can make more money. And when you are projecting the right image, people treat you differently. Everybody has a little more ‘act right’ on them.”

“My mother always taught me that I could be anything I wanted to be,” he added. “In my case, what I have always wanted to be is a successful, well-respected businessman, community leader and man of God.” In addition to his business career, Cobb is a husband and a father of four children.

4. Best Wardrobe Solutions Recently Partnered With NFL Legend Ray Lewis

Best Pocket Square Holder and Best Collection products are currently available online and on the Best Wardrobe Solutions website. They have been sold in all 50 states and 46 countries, according to the “Our Story” page, as they have small retailers throughout the world.

Several celebrities wear Best Wardrobe Solutions products, like NFL Super Bowl Champion Roland Williams, NFL Hall of Famer Floyd Little, NFL legend Deion Sanders, actor Brian White and R&B singer Ronald Isley. The most important co-sign that the company has received thus far, however, has been from NFL Hall of Famer Ray Lewis.

In 2019, Cobb and Lewis launched “The Return of the True Gentlemen,” which is a campaign created to elevate the image of the strong, successful male. The website also states that Cobb serves as a fashion and wardrobe consultant for Lewis when he makes public appearances.

5. Cobb Said It Was Important to Represent His Hometown During His ‘Shark Tank’ Pitch

Cobb said he was thrilled to be picked for Shark Tank, but that he wanted to represent his hometown of St. Louis as well as his company. “I can’t tell you how excited I am,” he revealed. “Some of the things I’ve said on the show is that I don’t just represent myself as I stand here. I represent a whole city.”

“St. Louis has taken a lot of losses on a national level for the last few years and we really need something that is positive on a national level that our city can get behind. I’m praying that I can be that person on this show,” he continued. Cobb also said that pitching on national television was surreal and an “out of body experience.”

“I felt like I was watching myself on television,” he recalled. “It was one of the most awkward but amazing feelings I have ever had – and I cannot wait for you guys to see what all take place in the tank because of all of this.”

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