Boosie BadAzz Arrested: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

CCSO Torrence I Hatch Jr. aka Boosie BadAzz mugshot

Rapper Boosie BadAzz was arrested in Georgia Monday charged with drug and firearm possession.

His bail was set at $3,500 and online jail records show the 36-year-old rapper is next due in court eight months from now.

Born Torrence Hatch Jr., the Louisiana MC was pulled over while driving in Newman, Georgia for allegedly swerving out of his lane.

Also arrested was Antonio Allen, 30, a former NFL player and Boosie’s bodyguard. Both men may also be facing possession of a firearm by a convicted felon charges.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. A Strong Smell of Weed Led Cops to Search the Car & Arrest the Rapper

According to police and local media reports, Boosie was traveling through the small town 35 miles southwest of Atlanta when police pulled over the rental car he was driving for allegedly swerving into another lane. Police pulled the white Dodge Charger over into a Chick-fil-A parking lot.

Boosie is reported to have admitted he was on his phone, but after smelling weed, police ordered him out of the car.

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According to the Newman Times Herald, Coweta County Sheriff’s Office’s Sgt. Jeff Bugg said “he noticed a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle.”

Here’s the full Coweta County Sheriff’s Office incident report.

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After a search of the car, deputies found a loaded 9mm handgun and 11 grams of marijuana. They also found a large sum of cash, and a “vape pen containing suspected THC oil was found in the center console.”

2. Hatch, AKA ‘Boosie BadAzz’ Was Charged With Drug & Gun Possession & His Bail Was Set at $3,500

With a tour date set for April 21 in Florida, Boosie may not make the date.

According to jail records, he is charged with two felonies: possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime and narcotics possession, which may be the vape pen. He’s also charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession and a traffic violation: failure to maintain lane.

Jail records show that as of Tuesday April 9, he was still in custody.

3. Hatch Has Done Bids For Drugs & Guns & Spent 3 Years on Death Row For Murder. He Was Later Acquitted

Hatch is no stranger to the courts and prison.

He did a bid in 2009 on drug and gun charges after a car stop in Baton Rouge where police found a gun and marijuana. While serving that time, he was indicted in 2010 on first-degree murder charges. Hatch spent three and a half years on death row before being acquitted on the murder charge in 2012. He was released in 2014 after serving five years of an eight year sentence on the drug and weapons case.

His parole ended in 2018.

“Homicide det: we chargin you with 8 bodies Me :do it look like I give a fuck ??‍♂️#innocent I KNEW YALL WAS COMING WHEN I SAW THE NEWS A WEEK BEFORE ??‍♂️ ??? SO MANY COUNTED ME OUT smh I WAS SENT TO DEATHROW SOON AS I WAS CHARGED ??‍♂️THEY THOUGHT IT WAS OVER FOR ME ??? not guilty n 35 minutes ?? 35 minutes ‼️”

4. Rapping Since the 1990s, Last Week Boosie Wasn’t Happy Only 300 Copies of ‘Boosie 3.5’ Sold

While on Instagram live, with several thousands viewers, he complained about fans not supporting him by making traditional album purchases. This after learning his new album Boosie 3.5 had sold just 300 copies.

He said that people watch live streams but refuse to send money on his album or purchase singles. Some in his IG wonder who an artist who sells a few hundred copies can have amassed nearly 6 million Instagram followers.

“??? don’t get mad that only 300 people bought it. Be mad that u only entertain 300 people with that “music.”

But not all were clowning the rapper; he had support.

“I was one of the 300…” one wrote.

Born in Baton Rouge, he started rapping with Concentration Camp and moved on to a solo career in 2000 when he released Youngest of da Camp.

Followup albums include For My Thugz and in total, he’s released seven studio albums, several mixtapes and done a number of collabs.

5. Hatch’s Passenger, Former NY Jets Safety Antonio Allen, Was Also Charged & is Being Held on a South Carolina Warrant

antonio allen

Cornerback Antonio Allen #39 of the New York Jets stands in the tunnel before taking the field against the New England Patriots during a game at MetLife Stadium on December 21, 2014.

According to online Coweta County jail records, Antonio Pezant Allen, 30, was also charged and also had a $3,500 bail set.

Allen is a former New York Jets cornerback and safety. He was drafted in 2012 and also played temporarily for the Houston Texans.

Local media reported that Allen has felony warrants out of South Carolina for drug and gun charges.