Teen Mom: Brianna’s Ex Danae Hudson

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Danae Hudson is the focus of tonight’s Teen Mom special. The two-part episode will follow Danae as he struggles with body dysmorphia and the decision to undergo a top surgery. He will also try to repair his relationship with his estranged mother Robin.

Danae, who is transgender, made his TV debut on an episode of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant. He was in a complicated relationship with cast member and girlfriend Brianna Jaramillo at the time. “We’ve been on and off for almost three years now,” Brianna admitted. She later revealed that she got pregnant by another man during one of the periods in which she and Danae were not together, but that he decided to step up and help raise the child regardless.

Danae Is Having a Consultation to Undergo a Top Surgery

“Wow he truly does care about me if he’s going to stay with me and care for a child that’s not even his,” Brianna told the cameras. In her casting video, Brianna talked about much she cares for Danae. “He is who he is and I fell in love with him for who he is,” she revealed. “He’s like, ‘you’re pregnant by someone else, but my love for you is strong enough to love this child.'”

During a 2018 episode, Danae had a tense interaction with his mother Robin. She continued to struggle with the right use of pronouns, which he kept correcting. “I’m sorry, I have to stop you. Everybody here is saying ‘he,’” Danae told his mom. “You keep saying ‘she,’ and it’s really kind of like …”

Danae Will Also Try to Repair His Relationship With His Mother Robin

“What? Bothering you?” she asked, to which he replied, “Yes. I prefer male pronouns, I do,” “Well, give me some time because it’s not just something that’s going to happen overnight,” she snapped back. Brianna told People that the interaction was “really hard” for Danae given that was “his mom.”

“I feel like a lot of transgender and LGBTQ people struggle with their families not understanding right away,” she added. “I don’t think she was trying to make it a big thing or be mean about it because that is her child and it’s hard for her, too.” Danae and Brianna split in 2018, and he is currently dating a woman named Sabrina.

In the teaser clip for tonight’s episode, Sabrina is the one driving him to the hospital so that he can get a consultation for his surgery. “I’m excited for you just for you to even be getting a consultation,” she says during the teaser. “Just because I know how much it means to you, [and] ‘cuse it is a really big step in your life.”

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