Celebrities React to John Singleton’s Death on Twitter

Getty Ice Cube (L) and John Singleton

Filmmaker John Singleton has died at the age of 51. He was the first African American to be nominated for Best Director, and his films allowed several actors and aspiring storytellers to start their own careers. With that in mind, its no surprise that Singleton received dozens of tributes and kind words on Twitter.

Angela Bassett, who acted in Boyz n the Hood, said that the director was a spirited collaborator. “I will forever remember him fondly from our first meeting during the audition process. He exuded many things that day… awareness, openness and above all-enthusiasm!” she wrote on Instagram. “Over the years he never lost or left any of that behind. He provided and possessed a clarity of vision that I appreciate from that day till this. He gave a voice and an opportunity to many. Count me in that grateful number.”

Ice Cube, Halle Berry & More Paid Tribute to the late Singleton

Bassett’s co-star Ice Cube also looked back fondly at his time on the set. “I was discovered by a master filmmaker by the name of John Singleton. He not only made me a movie star but made me a filmmaker,” the rapper said. “There are no words to express how sad I am to lose my brother, friend & mentor.”

Halle Berry said that Singleton was an innovator as well as a great human being. “[John] was an innovator – he came with drive & a creative vision when people of color didn’t have the same visibility we do now,” she wrote on Twitter. “He will remain a beacon of light in our community, and today we celebrate his legacy. Rest well my friend, we’ve lost one of the good guys.” Check out additional reactions below.

Filmmakers Like Jordan Peele & Ava DuVernay Cited Singleton As a Major Influence

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Singleton was praised by directing peers like William Friedkin and Kevin Smith. The former considered Singleton to be a master of the craft. “We’ve lost One of the great young masters of film, John Singleton, who had so much more to do,” he tweeted. “And to give but will always be remembered.” Smith said that Boyz n the Hood inspired him to think outside the box as a storyteller.

“Farewell my filmmaking friend! Your Boyz story and your laser disc commentary inspired me back before I shot my first film,” he wrote. “You made me believe I might be able to be like you: heard. Thank you for leading, John. Wish we had one last chance to talk comics again.”