Chris and Andrea on Little Women ATL: Chris Proposes on Tonight’s Episode

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Chris Fernandez and Andrea Salinas have had a rocky, on-again-off-again relationship for several years, and although the couple shares three children together, they’ve been through several rough patches throughout their relationship.

However, it looks like Chris might finally be ready to settle down and put all their past issues behind them. In an sneak peek at tonight’s episode, Chris finally decides to propose to Andrea as they share a fun day out and about with Amanda and Jordan.

In the clip above, Andrea notices Chris is nervous, but she doesn’t know why. He eventually leads the group over to a line of hot air balloons, where he has a picnic basket and a bouquet of flowers waiting. He gets down on one knee and asks an emotional Andrea for her hand in marriage.

“Will you marry me?” an emotional Chris asks Andrea. “Oh my god. This is what I’ve always wanted, but the timing is so bad right now,” Andrea admits in a confessional, although she doesn’t elaborate on why the timing isn’t right. However, she still says yes, and she shows off her beautiful engagement ring for all to see.

Before the preview ends, Andrea asks Chris: “Did you ask my dad for my hand?” which causes Chris to hesitate. “I tried calling him but he didn’t answer,” Chris tells Andrea. She looks somewhat dismayed before the clip cuts off, so fans will have to wait and see if Chris not asking her father for her hand will cause any issues in the family or not.

While she and her twin sister Amanda — known as the “Tiny Twins” — are fan favorites on the show, the sisters have often been at odds over Andrea’s relationship with Fernandez, whom Amanda does not always approve of.

When Andrea found out she was pregnant with their third child back in 2017, she broke the news to her friends and family at a party, and not all of her loved ones are happy.

“Here you go again. I don’t know whether to congratulate you or to be sad, Andrea,” her mother told her at the party.

“I’m glad the girls are glad for Chris and I, but just as I thought, my parents don’t look happy,” Andrea told the camera in an interview.

However, it looks like Amanda might have known that Chris was going to propose, judging by her sly smile when Andrea was questioning why Chris was nervous. She also appeared to be happy for her newly engaged sister, and wiped away a tear before hugging her.

Tune in tonight at 9/8c on Lifetime to catch the newest episode of Little Women: Atlanta and see the aftermath of Chris’ proposal to Andrea.

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