Danielle Cohn’s Age Still Remains a Mystery & Instagram Isn’t Happy About it

Danielle Cohn


Danielle Cohn is an Instagram personality who is known for keeping her age a secret from her 3.4 million Instagram followers. Cohn often makes vlogs with her boyfriend, Mikey Tua. She is also a singer and released the music video to her song “Little Like Paradise,” in March 2018.

Cohn is believed to be about 15 years old, according to various media outlets, including YourTango. Her age is becoming more controversial after she uploaded a photo of a maybe-baby bump on Instagram and made claims that she and Tua got married. Some Instagram users have been posting nasty comments on Cohn’s recent photos, slamming her for being too young to get married and have a child.

Here’s what you need to know:

She Describes Herself as a ’15-Year-Old’ on Her YouTube Channel

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Baddie Minnie?

A post shared by DANI?? (@daniellecohn) on Apr 2, 2019 at 2:57pm PDT

Despite the controversy surrounding Cohn’s age, she does refer to herself as a “15-year-old actress, model, social media sensation, and recording artist” on the About section of her YouTube page.

“Dani, who began posting on Musical.ly under the social media handle @DanielleCohn, is constantly on the top 10 of the leaderboard on Musical.ly and has an average of 3-4 million views from her fans daily. Her Musical.lys have received 1.9 billion hearts. She also has a large Instagram presence with 3 million followers,” the description reads in part.

This age seems proven thanks in part to her history in the entertainment business. In 2014, Cohn won Miss Florida Jr. Preteen, a pageant that requires its contestants to be no older than 10, according to YourTango. If she was 10 at the time, it would mean that she’s 15 now.

However, the internet is convinced that Cohn is lying about her age and that she’s actually a few years younger — perhaps as young as 13.

Cohn has contradicted this theory — without actually proving her age — at one point, Cohn responded asking, “Do I look 11?

Her Name Is Defined in Urban Dictionary Thanks to Questions About Her Age

Cohn’s age has become such a controversy that her name has its own definition in Urban Dictionary.

“Danielle Cohn- a girl who lies about her age but somehow everyone believes her,” reads the second definition on the site.

Cohn has been a victim of cyberbullying for years. Her mom, Jen, who quit her job to become her daughter’s manager, spoke to BuzzFeed News about the haters that have followed her daughter on social media.

“I was hurt and I couldn’t really handle it. When I see the stuff that’s posted, I don’t want her to look at that. They’re telling her to kill herself. To this day I will still talk back. It’s just hard. It’s just really hard,” Jen told the outlet.

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