Deadliest Catch 2019 Cast Spoilers & Captains on Season 15

Deadliest Catch Season 15 cast

Getty Jake Anderson, Josh Harris, Keith Colburn, Wild Bill, and Sig Hansen of "Deadliest Catch'.

Deadliest Catch returns with its fifteenth season tonight on Discovery Channel. The description for tonight’s episode reads “Hours before king crab season, a renegade captain discovers the crab are all in one spot; as the fleet races to find the quarter billion-dollar hoard, captains battle each other and the sea to claim their share of the bounty.”

According to, these are the boats, crews and their captains for this season (including the highly anticipated new captain):

Sig Hansen (Captain of the Northwestern)

Captain Sig Hansen has been fishing since he was 14 years old, learning from his father who helped develop the King Crab industry that Alaska is known for today. Last season, Sig and his crew were at the top of the leader board, so the pressure will be on this season.

Aboard the Northwestern, under Sig’s leadership, will be Edgar Hansen, Norman Hansen, Rick McLeod, Nick Mavar Jr., and Karl Rasmussen. Sig’s 23-year-old daughter Mandy is supposed to be his relief skipper this season, according to the press release.

Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand (Captains of the Time Bandit)

Although the Time Bandit was not a part of last season, Johnathan is back from retirement and will co-captaining with his brother Andy this season; their brother Neal and his sons Phillip and Axel will on the boat’s crew. Joining them are Eddie Uwekoolani and his son (known as Eddie Senior and Junior), James Tommy, Kyle Dyerly, and Freddy Maugatai.

‘Wild’ Bill Wichrowski (Captain of the Cape Caution)

Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski made a name for himself on Deadlist Catch back in 2010. This season, he is bringing his son Zack Larson onto the crew once again. According to, the show and the fishing boat have been a valuable opportunity for Bill to reconnect with Zack.

Other crew members include Nick McGlashan, Jerod Sechrist, Ronnie James, and Hunter Copper.

Keith Colburn (Captain of the Wizard)

Captain Keith Colburn will be returning once again to lead the Wizard, the largest fishing boat in the fleet. Colburn suffered a heart attack last summer, so expect he will be relying on his most trusted crew members a little more heavily this season.

On his crew are Monte Colburn, Gary Soper, Roger Schlosstein, Tyler Gateman, Jacob James (nicknamed “JJ”), and Eddie Hernandez.

Jake Anderson (Captain of the Saga)

Captain Jake Anderson has a lot to prove this season, which is his first King Crab season as a captain; he got his start on the crew of Sig’s boat, the Northwestern.

His Saga crew includes Ole Helgevold, Sean Dunlop, Time Boles, Nick Tokman (nicknamed “Sunshine”), Jaimie Smith, and Kenny Jensen.

Sean Dwyer (Captain of the Brenna A)

Sean Dwyer is the season’s youngest captain, but he learned commercial fishing from his dad when he was only a child. On his team (he refers to his crew as The Lost Boys), he has Britt Jandrey, Matt Davis, Per Nesselquist, Tirey Cordrey, Tony Bundy, and Jenny Dwyer.

Josh Harris & Casey McManus (Captains of the Cornelia Marie)

Josh and Casey will have to prove that they were deserving of last season’s success. The season 15 press release teases that “all eyes are on” them, and that another solid year could mean that Josh “could be entrusted with a million bucks worth of added quota.”

Steve ‘Harley’ Davidson (Captain of the Southern Wind)

Although he is not included in Discovery’s captain and crew member bios for this season, Steve Davidson will be joining the show this season as a controversial new captain. Deadline reports that, in a statement, Discovery revealed “New to the fleet this season is the cut-throat, no-nonsense Captain Steve “Harley” Davidson with the 148-foot-long Southern Wind. The boat is the second-largest in the fleet behind only Captain Keith Colburn’s boat The Wizard. Harley, who has captained the Southern Wind for 15 years, doesn’t make friends easily — including Captain Keith who considers Harley as enemy no. 1. This season, Harley was able to break out ahead of others to look for crab. After scouring the grounds with over 1,200 pots, he believes that a quarter billion dollars-worth of crab are clustered in a single massive horde. If he’s right, every captain in the fleet will be on top of him, turning the high-stakes hunt for crab into a close-quarters battleground.”

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