Does Someone Get Fired on Vanderpump Rules Tonight?

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Does someone get fired on Vanderpump Rules tonight? According to the  synopsis for tonight’s episode, Lisa is considering firing a long-time employee, and fans are wondering who it could be.

The official Bravo TV description for tonight’s episode reads: “On their final night in Mexico, Lala’s decision to return to drinking leads to a public panic attack, while Schwartz finds a unique way to rekindle the romance with Katie. Stassi and Beau try to repair their relationship after their epic fight, while Kristen and Ariana take a step forward in their newfound friendship. Back in LA, Lisa contemplates firing a long time staff member, Raquel decides to throw a “puppy shower” to win some friends, and Billie Lee gets yelled at by Lisa for disrespecting her at work.”

Obviously we won’t know who Lisa is going to potentially fire until the episode airs, but by the looks of the promo, Lisa and Billie are at odds over letting James DJ the party. During a private conversation with James and Raquel, Billie says she believes that Lala was trying to get James permanently fired by starting drama all day, but she tells James and Raquel that she doesn’t think Lisa really wants to fully let him go. So she decides to ask if he can DJ that evening for their last night in Mexico. However, when she does finally bring up James as a potential DJ, Lisa replies “you know what? I don’t know about that,” and Billie’s response is less-than understanding.

“I’m gonna go breathe, because f–king pissed off,” she tells Lisa, who tells her not to talk to her like that, and that she needs to “have some manners and put a smile on her face.” After Lisa admonishes her, Billie stalks away, with Lisa calling after her.

Judging by Bravo’s clips for tonight’s episode, Billie could easily be the person Lisa is considering firing. However, knowing her on-again-off-again feelings toward letting James DJ events, she might also be considering permanently letting him go as well, and no longer allowing him to DJ any of their events, especially considering her reaction when Billie asked if he could work that night.

The promo also shows some issues resurfacing with Lala while she drinks, Jax’s uncertainty about inviting his mother to his engagement party, a costar upsetting James by scoffing at James and Raquel’s “puppy shower,” and Beau trying to win Stassi back with a romantic evening, complete with rose petals, candles and champagne.

Who do you think Lisa is considering firing on tonight’s episode? Do you think Billie might be on the chopping block or is it someone else? Let us know in the comments below, and tune in tonight to catch the newest episode of Vanderpump Rules Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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