‘Double Shot at Love With Vinny & Pauly D’ Contestants

Getty Vinny Guadagnino and Pauly D

Vinny and Pauly D are taking over MTV’s Double Shot at Love. According to the show’s official synopsis, 20 female contestants will try to win their affection, while the Jersey Shore stars decide on which ones they want to date.

“The boys may get to choose who stays and who goes, but the ladies hold the ultimate power to decide whose love they’re competing for,” the synopsis adds. “Making this a reality-dating show unlike any other.” Meet the show’s female contestants below.

1. Elle Wilson

Wilson, 25, doesn’t post much information about herself on Twitter, and her Instagram is set to private, but MTV reports that she’s eager to appear on the show and compete with others. Wilson hails from Philadelphia, PA.

2. Deseree Flores

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Flores, 37, works as a personal trainer in Arizona. She makes fitness and workout videos for her YouTube channel “Desi Flores“, which has over 1,600 subscribers.

3. Derynn Paige

Paige, 25, is an alumni of Rutger’s University in New Jersey. She currently owns her own clothing line called Goddess of Easton, which specializes in graphic tees and casual wear.

4. Christina Lawrence

Not much is known about Lawrence, as her lack of an Instagram bio can attest. That said, she does post photos of herself modeling and performing various yoga poses. She has over 82 thousand followers on her account.

5.  Cate LaPera


LaPera, 27, is a nursing student and bartender in Staten Island, New York. She has over 4,300 followers on Instagram, and runs her own blog called “Snapback Cate“, where she writes about relationships and personal experiences.

6. Brittani Schwartz

Schwartz works as a college admissions counselor and bartender. She has a master’s degree in school counseling from Long Island University. She is one of two contestants to hail from Long Island, with the other being Marissa Lucchese.

7. Ashley Lands

Lands, 23, is a fashion model based out of New York. She has several hobbies, according to her website, which include “race car driving, building climbing [and] runway walking.” She can also dance and has hosted several life events.

8. Alysse Joyner

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Joyner, 24, is a dancer and model from New York. In addition to performing, she has a passion for food and nutrition, and runs an Instagram account where she posts cooking videos. Her other Instagram account is set to private.

9. Alli Adams

Adams works in marketing and public relations. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and is an aspiring model who regularly posts photos of herself on Instagram. She currently has over 5,800 followers.

10. Brittnay Dawson

Dawson, 33, is an entrepreneur who hails from Nebraska. According to her website, she is the host and producer of the Next Stop Nebraska travel series, where she “travels to all corners of the state and shares the history and adventures of each destination.”

11. Holly Gurbisz

Gurbisz, 26, is a professional actor. Her Instagram profile is set to private, but she has a YouTube channel where she regularly uploads acting reels and clips of her performing.

12. Maria Elizondo

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Elizondo, 22, hails from New Jersey. Double Shot at Love will not be her first TV appearance, as she previously starred on on the seventh season of Are You the One. Elizondo also has a YouTube channel where she updates fans on her personal life and talks about how she got into reality TV.

13. Marissa Lucchese

Lucchese, 22, is a makeup artist old based out of Long Island, New York. In addition to her fledgling TV career with Double Shot at Love, Lucchese sells her own brand of mink lashes that were used by the rest of the cast.

14. Michelle Gao

Gao is 22 and hails from Orange County, California. Her Instagram is currently set to private, but she remains active on Twitter, where she engages with fans of Double Shot at Love. She describes herself as a “globetrotter” and a “music fanatic.”

15. Nikki Hall


Hall, 23, is from Los Angeles, California. She describes herself as an “empath” on Twitter, and regularly posts photos of herself modeling and/or inspirational quotes on Instagram. Her account has over 615 followers.

16. Shira Tran

Tran, 27, is a licensed cosmetologist who owns and operates her own salon called Shira’s Suite. She currently lives in New Orleans, and has over 2,200 followers on her personal Instagram account.

17. Nadya Erazo


Erazo, 29, is a model and makeup artist living in Los Angeles. She has over 39,000 followers on her Instagram, and is hosting a viewing party for the Double Shot at Love premiere. “Ahhh it’s all happening so fast,” she wrote. “Me & some of the cast will be reuniting!”

18. Susan Baidya

Baidya, 30, is a registered nurse who lives in California. She has over 2,400 followers on her Instagram, though her account is set to private.

19. Victoria Fryer

Fryer is 25 and hails from Long Beach, California. She doesn’t much about her personal life on Instagram, but she does post several photos of her modeling outfit and swimsuit shots. She has over 9,800 followers.

20. Zuljeily Andino

Andino’s Twitter bio says she’s a former beauty queen and model, and previously worked at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida. She recently deleted her Instagram account.