Edmure Tully Plot Recap: Where Has He Been on ‘Game of Thrones’?

Edmure Tully

HBO Edmure Tully

If you can’t remember Edmure Tully’s storyline, here’s a quick recap and refresher about him. We haven’t seen him in awhile, so it would be easy to forget what an important role he’s played on the show. Read on for more details.

Edmure Tully played a role in creating what was one of the all-time worst episodes ever on Game of Thrones ever, the infamous Red Wedding.

Edmure Tully is the son of the late Lord Hoster Tully of Riverrun. He’s Catelyn’s younger brother and the Stark siblings’ uncle. He was later the head of House Tully. As a child, he was raised with Petyr Baelish and he’s the one who first nicknamed him Littlefinger.

Edmure Tully

HBOEdmure Tully

In Season 3, he presided over his dad’s funeral, where the boat with the body is set on fire with a flaming arrow. Edmure can’t hit the boat three times in a row, which allowed for a comic relief moment where his uncle did the duty himself. Edmure was also behind the decision to attack Stone Mill, which Edmure said sent Gregor Clegan back to Casterly Rock. He didn’t follow Robb’s instructions to wait for the Mountain to come to him.

Robb Stark and Edmure were at odds frequently. After Tywin’s nephews were murdered, Edmure wanted to bury them quietly so Tywin didn’t exact revenge and not announce their deaths until after the war. Robb didn’t want to lie. Edmure also wanted Lord Karstark kept alive, but Robb refused and executed him.

When negotiating Walder Frey’s reconciliation with Robb Stark, Edmure was pressured to marry a Frey girl in Robb’s place, since Robb fell in love. Edmure’s uncle Brynden threatens him if he didn’t agree to marry Roslin Frey. Edmure wanted to at least pick a daughter of his own, but Catelyn scolded him for that. He eventually reluctantly agreed to the plan. At the wedding, he realized that Roslin was beautiful and he was happy about that. He left with Roslin and it was only after he left that the Red Wedding happened.

Edmure was caught and held captive at the Twins. Walder Frey wanted to take back Riverrun, so he summoned Edmure into his hall, wanting to use Edmure to help him take back Riverrun. (Riverrun was the former seat of House Tully, but they still had control of it even though House Frey was the “rightful” ruler. It’s a castle with walls that rise from the waters and assaulting it is very difficult.)

In Season 6, Ramsay murdered Roose, Walda, and their son. Brynden Tully retook Riverrun, weakening the Freys. Meanwhile, the Brotherhood Without Banners were raiding the Freys’ supplies and building a rebellion. Walder sent his sons Lothar and Black Walder to retake Riverrun. Jamie arrived to help them. He was disappointed by what they had done and took over. Edmure played a role in convincing the Tullys to surrender.

Following this win, Walder had a feast in celebration. That’s when Arya showed up in disguise, bringing him a pie filled with the body parts of his sons, Lothar and Black Walder. She revealed who she was and killed him in the same way that Cateyln was killed.

At this point, it’s unclear what happened to Edmure as we haven’t seen him since this scene in Season 7. Most fans assumed that he was being held captive by the Lannisters somewhere.