Flip-It Cap on Shark Tank: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Getty Steven Epstein pitches Flip-It Cap on 'Shark Tank.'

Flip-It Cap is a bottle emptying device created by Steven Epstein. He will be appearing on Shark Tank to pitch the device, and see if investors can combat “knock-offs” and help him secure patent infringements.

Flip-It Cap was founded in 2014, and works on virtually any kind of thick liquid; including beauty products, and condiments, and sodas. Read on to learn how Epstein created the device, and how he plans to expand his business moving forward.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Flip-It Cap Is a Device That Helps Extract Liquid from Bottles

How to use Flip-It! Cap by inventor Steven EpsteinA short video explaining the Flip-It! cap system.2014-05-23T02:28:36.000Z

Flip-It Cap is a small cap device with a stand that screws on to a bottle. The device lets the bottle stand upside down, letting gravity push all the liquid to the valve. Then, simply open the cap and extract the liquid. If the valve is open, the bottle will not stand properly and will usually fall over. Here are some of the benefits of Flip-It Cap, according to Benzinga:

  • It helps the environment by reducing the number of bottles going into landfills and reducing pollution caused by oozing discarded waste.
  • It can be used throughout the entire home and can be put to work by businesses like salons, restaurants, groomers, detailers and more looking to save time and money on the products they use.
  • Simply hand wash or top rack dishwasher and use again and again.
  • Flip-It Cap is food grade safe and BPA Free.
  • Each kit comes with four bottle thread adapters that fit the most common sized bottles found around the world, including the ones in your home.
  • No funnel required! Simply transfer product between containers using the device without the hassle and mess of a funnel.

Epstein reports that up to 25% of beauty products and 15% of kitchen condiments are wasted because it’s hard to get them out of the bottle. Flip-It Cap solves this problem, giving you more for your purchase. The device is also better for the environment, since bottles that still contain products are not as likely to be recycled.

2. Epstein Was the VP of a Manufacturing Business Before He Invented Flip-It Cap

Epstein grew up in a family business that included a plastic bottle molding operation. As he got older, he became Vice President of Mid-Continent Packaging, which is a manufacturing business in Oklahoma. Epstein had an epiphany when he got out of the shower one day, and tried to put on some lotion.

The pump wouldn’t work, despite the fact that there was still lotion in the bottle. “That’s when I had the light-bulb moment,” he said. Epstein entered the home use market in 2014, and the company grew rapidly from there. In 2016 he won the “Member’s Choice Best New Product of 2016″ at the Independent Cosmetics Manufacturers and Distributors in Las Vegas.

3. Flip-It Cap Has Had to Contend With Various Knock-Off Brands

Flip-It! Bottle Emptying Kit – Get Every DropThe Flip-It! Bottle Emptying Kit is a tool that saves people time, money and frustration trying to get every drop of product out of their bottles. Stop banging, cutting and tapping and start using Flip-It! with those expensive salon worthy shampoos, conditioners, lotions or those fancy condiments in the kitchen. Outside the house, Flip-It! works on car wax, glue, metal polish and many other DIY products. This easy-to-use bottle emptying kit allows gravity to do the work. Simply replace the existing cap or pump with Flip-It! and turn that bottle upside down. Open the push/pull valve and squeeze to get every drop of your favorite thick liquids out without struggling. Flip-It! has all the features of funnels and bottle couplers but allows you to control the flow. BPA free, food grade and dishwasher safe.2019-04-02T04:41:24.000Z

Epstein has spoken at length about the “knock-off” brands that ape his device. In December 2017, he took to Facebook to report one of these culprits. “This post is in response to counterfeit product which is being promoted by Living Chic and Storm media who are not, and have never been, authorized to sell Flip-It! products or any products that violate our intellectual property under any name,” he wrote.

“Additionally, there are no authorized distributors of Flip-It! products in China, and any seller on any platform indicating Flip-It! product in or from China is similarly offering you counterfeit products,” he continued. “The Flip-It! is covered by multiple US Patents, Trademarks, and we own all of the other intellectual property associated with the product and the brand, including videos, images, and descriptions. We are now in the process of enforcing our rights under US law.”

Flip-It Cap’s website states that any product bought outside of official channels are likely counterfeit. “Two names associated with these counterfeit products are ‘Cobble Creek Bottle Kickstands’ and ‘Toss It’,” the site states. “These companies have stolen our ideas, designs, images, videos and are in violation of multiple US patent, copyright and trademark laws.”

4. Flip-It Cap Is Currently Available on Amazon & the QVC Store

How to use the Flip-It Bottle Emptying KitCheck out this animation on how to use the Flip-It Bottle Emptying Kit!2017-12-08T16:58:25.000Z

Flip-It Cap is widely available online. You can purchase the device on Amazon, The Container Store, United Supermarkets, Menards, Salon Centric, Cosmoprof and the websites for QVC and Bed, Bath and Beyond. The caps come in packages that range from 2 to 8 pieces, and the price ranges from $11.99 to $54.99.

Flip-It Cap spokeswoman Kathryn Reinhardt said that the product is flying off the shelves. “It has come to the point where Epstein has to be constantly producing because there is such a high demand for Flip-It,” she told Hi-Tech Beauty. “It is something that we all struggle with. Not only with beauty products, but with ketchup or other condiment bottles as well. They are not made so it is easy to get out that last bit. It has been proven that a fourth to an eighth of the bottle is just thrown away because it is too difficult for people to get out. You definitely don’t want to throw away your $30 lotion. You want to use every last cent of it.”

Flip-It Caps are made from food-grade and BPA-free plastic, which is top-shelf dishwasher safe and can be used on the majority of squeezable bottles that are manufactured worldwide. The stand that comes with the device is only one size, but there are a wide range of adapters that come with each kit. According to All Shark Tank Products, Flip-It Cap recently added adapters for Nivea, Eucerin and Aquaphor bottles.

5. Epstein Wants a Shark Tank Investor to Help Him Expand Globally

Epstein wants to expand Flip-It Cap’s global appeal, and he believes that getting a Shark Tank investor will help him do it. “Our plan is to continue to expose the Flip-It! system to the professional beauty industry as it belongs in every salon and spa around the world,” he told ICMAD in 2018.

“We have distributors in eight other countries and continue to grow our international presence,” he continued. “We want every salon in the world to have a set of Flip-It! caps on hand and in use.” In addition to beauty, Flip-It! is looking to penetrate the food service, hospitality, construction, and consumer markets. “No one else does what we do.”

Epstein is also confident that the recycling benefits of his device will make it appealing to the Shark Tank panel. “Recycling centers constantly reject recyclables that have been contaminated by leaking and improperly emptied bottles,” he said in a statement. “These are then sent to the landfills where those unused contents are leaching into the groundwater. We are so excited to get the chance to show the Sharks and the world how we’re working to reverse this tragic trend.”