Happy Game of Thrones & Happy Easter! The Best Memes & Tweets about the Dual Holiday

Game of Thrones Easter

HBO Game of Thrones Easter

HBO’s final season of Game of Thrones isn’t taking breaks for anyone, and that includes the Easter holiday. The show is known for having some crazy things happen on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and now fans are wondering how the episode might overlap with Easter. They have some fun ideas and are sharing their thoughts online with some great memes. Here are the best. (And of course, these may have spoilers through the Season 8 premiere.) 



Some fans are already trying to figure out how they’re going to deal with a family gathering that might overlap with Game of Thrones airing.

Others are noticing some unexpected similarities between the two.

Honestly, a lot of Easter advertisements look suspiciously like they could double for Game of Thrones.

And while some might say you shouldn’t let Game of Thrones distract you from Easter, not everyone agrees with those priorities:

This one was from back in Season 5 but it’s still pretty funny.

This one’s in honor of Aegon Targaryen aka Eggon Targaryen. It’s an Easter Aeg, shared Mrsalexmcgarry on Reddit.

Easter Aeg


Another fun one:

You can probably find some parallels between Easter and Game of Thrones if you try.

This meme may be the most accurate:

In some countries, you can buy dragon eggs from Game of Thrones to celebrate Easter. This definitely appears to be a worthwhile purchase.

A similar egg is sold by Morrison’s stores and online. In London you can also order Game of Thrones Easter eggs from Deliveroo and its restaurant “The Hatchery” that’s only open through today.

Unfortunately, it looks like the special edition HBO Easter Eggs were sent special from HBO Latinoamérica, so they were likely just a limited edition.

Or just make your own.

All in all, it’s a great day. You can end the day with a wonderful show and start it with a joyful holiday.

We’ve got to add another Ned Stark meme:


If you have time, try creating your own Easter sigil before tonight’s episode airs. Game of Thrones will air at 9 p.m. Eastern. This sigil idea below may be the cutest of all the sigils. Imagine how impressed your friends and family would be if you had this sigil hanging in your home when they arrived for an Easter meal or a Game of Thrones viewing party. If you threw in some eggs decorated to look like dragon’s eggs then all the better. You’re already going to have hardboiled eggs for Easter that are decorated. Just take it one step further. Or create dragon’s egg decorated cookies for fun. There are all sorts of great ideas you can use to combine Easter and Game of Thrones.

Easter is here.