‘Game of Thrones’ New Intro: Opening Credits Sequence for Season 8 Is All Hype

Game of Thrones


Many fans watching Game of Thrones tonight will be surprised to find new opening credits during the show’s intro. Traditionally, for the last seven seasons, Game of Thrones has started with the same introduction each time. It only employed minor changes related to which locations were highlighted based on what was happening in the episode. But now, things have changed and the intro has been switched up considerably.

Some fans found out about the changes early, as a few people attending the red carpet premiere in NYC released clips of the new intro. We have those clips below and will add a higher-quality version of the new intro once it’s posted.

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Here’s the high quality intro:

Opening Credits | Game of Thrones | Season 8 (HBO)The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.2019-04-15T02:00:00.000Z

Here’s the first part of the title sequence as shown in the NYC premiere:

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Opening Credits | Official (29 Seconds Leaked)got new intro THIS VIDEO BELONGS HBO. I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING2019-04-06T10:23:47.000Z


The clips above show King’s Landing, including the dragon bones in the dungeon that we saw in Season 7. The clip also shows the scorpion weapon that Cersei had Qyburn make to prepare for war against the dragons.

Some have speculated that the title sequence was changed because the action is going to take place in just a few places, so they needed to change things up a bit. And yes, this is the first time a major change like this has happened in the title sequence, versus just changing some locations.

Here’s another clip from the new intro that was shared during the NYC premiere:

GAME OF THRONES SEASON 8 OPENING LEAKNew Season 8 Game of Thrones opening2019-04-04T10:07:52.000Z

Fans are excited about the new opening credits. They’ve already pointed out that Kit Harington, for example, still has a Stark symbol and not a Targaryen sigil yet, as some were expecting.

Game of Thrones

Fans also noted that we get to see the hole in the wall from Ice Viserion, and it looks like winter or the White Walkers are moving through the hole in the wall, traveling south. The first castle they would come to while doing this is Last Hearth. This is where Umber lives. Lord GreatJon Umber swore an oath to House Stark but died. Then Smalljon Umber was killed by Tormund in the Battle of the Bastards after pledging loyalty to Ramsay. The last lord is Ned Umber who is only 11.

Unlike previous intros, this one started at the Wall and then came down to King’s Landing rather than starting at King’s Landing as has happened the previous seasons. Venturing inside King’s Landing is a brilliant idea that viewers loved seeing.

The new intro is a big change but it’s a brilliant idea.