‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Episode 3 Title & Description: What’s the Name of Episode 70?

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HBO has been quite mysterious about Game of Thrones Season 8 episode titles and descriptions, even if the episode title isn’t spoiling anything. Here is what we know so far about the title and description for Season 8 Episode 3 airing tonight. We’ll update this story when an official title is released, which will likely happen sometime while the show is airing.

UPDATE: The official title for tonight’s episode, as released by HBO, is The Long Night. 

Here’s a poor screenshot of the title, hastily taken on my TV:



Several guesses are circulating for tonight’s episode title based on unconfirmed leaks and spoilers. Most of these rumors stem from Reddit’s group r/freefolk, which is spoiler heavy and has no spoiler warnings for any of its posts. (So beware if you visit that subreddit.)

One of the main “leaked titles” for tonight is The Long Night with a description that reads: “War comes to the North. Sansa plays a game.” However, this same source also predicted last week’s title was “Enemies from the East,” so I wouldn’t trust this one too much.

At one point, Wikipedia was edited to list all the upcoming episode titles as: Winter Is Here (1), The Rightful Queen (2), Winterfell (3), Exodus (4), Ice and Fire (5), and A Dream of Spring (6). However, there was no evidence given at all to verify or authenticate these titles, and Wikipedia can be edited by anyone. The guesses for Episode 1 and 2 were proven wrong. A separate rumored list claimed the titles would be Truth (1), Winter is Here (2), The Battle for Dawn (3), A Man with Honor (4), Ice and Fire (5), and A Dream of Spring (6.) These also were wrong.

So two other title leaks for tonight – Exodus and The Battle for Dawn – both come from sources that have already been proven wrong.

The most recently leaked title, mentioned in a spoiler-heavy subreddit here, is “The Realms of Men.” This one was supposedly posted on a German website. No screenshots or links were provided as proof, however.

So the main leaked titles for tonight are:

  • The Realms of Men
  • The Battle for Dawn
  • Exodus
  • The Long Night

In my opinion, The Realms of Men is the most likely one. But there isn’t strong proof for any of these guesses. HBO will likely reveal the title as the show is airing tonight.

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