Twitter ‘Spoils’ Game of Thrones Premiere With GOT ‘Spoilers Without Context’ Meme

Game of Thrones

HBO Game of Thrones

After HBO aired the Game of Thrones final season premiere episode, Twitter took to “spoiling” the episode like only that social media platform can. Using the “Spoilers Without Context” meme format, fans of the show tweeted out series of seemingly random photos that make sense as spoilers only if you saw the episode.

The “Spoilers Without Context” meme surfaces on Twitter whenever a major episode or film premieres and users want to tweet about it without outrightly spoiling major plot points for users who are not yet caught up. The meme’s humor comes from the fact that, for those who have seen the episode or film and understand the context of the episode or film, the images that normally would have nothing to do with each other (or the thing they’re “spoiling”) make a hilarious amount of sense when curated together.

Here are some of the funniest and cleverest uses of the meme format that we found, explained:

Beware of spoilers for season 8 episode 1 of Game of Thrones.

Twitter user @Majesticalbrows chose an edited photo of Cersei Lannister riding the new, live-action Dumbo, a couple kissing while their dog watched, and a screaming child duct taped to a wall. These images are meant to spoil the premiere plot points that the Golden Company made it to King’s Landing without the elephants Cersei was so excited to have, Dany and Jon made out in front of Rhaegal and Drogon, and a wight Ned Umber was found impaled to the wall at Last Hearth.

@TheNewestMakoy used some stills from How to Train Your Dragon to symbolize Jon riding Rhaegal for the first time (and making out with Dany after). Professor X is meant to represent Bran, who appeared in his wheelchair at random times throughout the episode, and a photo of onions references Tyrion’s diss at Davos Seaworth’s house sigil.

User @1sttwoletters also “spoiled” Cersei’s elephants and undead Ned Umber with different image selections. Additionally, the tweet made reference to a comical exchange between Edd and Tormund about Tormund’s blue eyes and the passive-aggressive stand-off between Sansa and Dany in Winterfell.

In another tweet, a still from the “A Whole New World” magic carpet sequence in Aladdin spoils Dany and Jon riding side-by-side on dragons (Emilia Clarke compared the scene to that animated sequence in a bonus content interview for the episode).

Lastly, a stock photo of fried shrimp plated around a bowl of ketchup has been circulating as perhaps the funniest “spoiler” of them all. For those who have seen the premiere episode, the fried shrimp and ketchup is arranged in a way that resembles the dismembered limbs bolted around Ned Umber’s body in the formation of one of the White Walker’s ominous symbols.