‘Game of Thrones’ Battle of Winterfell Spoilers: GoT Cast Death Leaks & Predictions

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The night is dark and full of spoilers. If you are here looking for details about who might live and die from the cast of Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3, then you’ve come to the right place. Here is what we know so far. Of course, this post could have major spoilers for Season 8 Episode 3’s Battle of Winterfell, if the theories or spoilers are true. 

UPDATE: If you are looking for a post on who actually died in Episode 3, see Heavy’s story here.

Cast Spoilers for ‘Game of Thrones’ Episode 3

Game of Thrones


The episode will focus heavily on the Battle of Winterfell. A popular theory revolves around the idea that the Night King won’t even be there at all, since we didn’t see him in the trailer, and he’s actually going to King’s Landing to attack Cersei and build his army even more. Others think he has a different objective in mind outside of killing Bran, and he will go into the crypts to retrieve something important and then leave.

Essentially, we know that every character from Winterfell will be appearing tonight, along with White Walkers and an army of wights.

Some leaks predict that Melisandre will show up for the battle tonight but may not survive. It’s unclear if these leaks can be trusted.

Another big rumor circulating is that Catelyn Stark might make a cameo tonight, more likely in a flashback than as the long-awaited Lady Stoneheart. (Remember, her body was never recovered and is NOT in the crypts. In Season 4 Episode 1, Sansa told Tyrion that her mother’s body was thrown into a river.) According to this Reddit post (warning: it’s in a spoiler heavy subreddit), a comment deleted from Watchers on the Wall noted that some Irish websites reported that Michelle Fairley would be making an appearance tonight. However, none of those Irish website stories have been found, so take this one with a grain of salt until there’s proof.

Some people think that an unknown person, maybe Catelyn Stark, is standing behind Sansa in this official HBO photo. (It does indeed look like someone’s face over her shoulder.)


There are still a couple reported actors joining the cast this season that we haven’t seen yet.

Watchers on the Wall reported in December 2017 that Irish actor Seamus O’Hara was cast for a new character in the show in Season 8. His character’s name is Fergus, which is not a name that’s in the books. So he’s going to be a new addition to the final season.

And there’s a major one for tonight. IMDB lists Javier Botet as an addition who will be in Episode 3. Also listed for Episode 3 is Dan Miskimmon who is listed as playing “Hornwood Male.” (House Hornwood is a vassal house that has sworn fealty to House Stark.) Botet’s character is not named. Botet has a long list of credits to his name, mostly playing monsters or horror movie characters, including Star Trek: Discovery (Ba’ul), a number of foreign language projects. He was born in Spain and has also been on It, The Mummy, and The Conjuring 2. 

Death Predictions, Spoilers & Theories Roundup

Numerous spoilers and leaks have surfaced about who will live and who will die tonight, along with plenty of theories from fans. The problem with the spoilers and leaks is that no one knows which are fake and which are true (if any are true at all.) In fact, almost everyone who has held themselves out as having spoilers has missed a prediction or two, so no one’s supposed spoilers can truly be trusted.

The biggest “leak” that has been passed around is that five main characters will die tonight. Whether or not that’s true is tough to know. About a month ago someone came on Reddit claiming to have been an extra during the Battle of Winterfell, but everything they posted has since been proven wrong. So as you can see, even Reddit posts shouldn’t be trusted.  (Note: the Reddit link above takes you to a subreddit full of spoilers without spoiler warnings. So only go there if you’re OK being spoiled.)

If five main characters do die, the safest bet might be Podrick, Theon (protecting Bran), Jorah, Tormund, and maybe Beric or Davos. They’re the “lesser” characters in terms of storyline. Or perhaps it might be the characters in the crypt: Gilly, Varys, and Tyrion could make three out of five main characters alone.

An early leak predicted that Jaime would die tonight, but other predictions from that leak did not come to pass. It’s actually likely that Jaime will not die based on an interview with a Hungarian extra who was a member of the Golden Company. The interview is here. In a rough Google translation, Attila Kiss talks about a ship battle involving the Golden Company, Euron, and possibly Jaime. The extra said Jaime was walking around the Golden Company in full set, which would indicate that Jaime survives for a Golden Company scene in the future. (We hope this is the case!) One rumor says Jaime filmed three endings: one injured, one dying, and one surviving. So really, anything could happen.

It’s also safe to say that Jon and Daenerys will survive. In the trailer, there’s a scene with the two of them at Dragonstone, and they haven’t returned there yet.

Some fans think this is the last we’ll see of Ghost, since it seems like HBO would rather spend the CGI on dragons than the most important direwolf in the series. :( Since we didn’t even get to see Daenerys meet Ghost, it sadly seems like a possibility. However, I’m hoping it’s not. Ghost is my favorite and I’d be heartbroken if he died. :(

Another leak might indicate that Jorah will die. (However, there is one photo circulating that looks like Jorah is dying tonight in the battle, but it’s actually just Jorah’s face photoshopped on top of a scene from a zombie movie.)

One of many recently leaked titles for tonight, mentioned in a spoiler-heavy subreddit here, is that the episode title might be “The Realms of Men.” This one was supposedly posted on a German website. No screenshots or links were provided as proof, however. If it is true, however, then the phrase would be a reference to Jorah saying he’d wield Heartsbane in Jeor Tarly’s memory as he guards “the realms of men.” Jorah’s father, Jeor Mormont, was the 997th Commander of the Night’s Watch, and their oath includes “I am the shield that guards the realms of men.”

Still other fans are predicting that the major deaths will happen in the crypts, since so much emphasis was put on how “safe” the crypts were in Episode 2. That would mean that characters like Davos, Gilly, Baby Sam, Tyrion, and Varys could be in grave danger.

Some romantic pairings feel doomed. It would seem prudent to expect either Arya or Gendry to die, Sam or Gilly (not likely Sam, he seems too important), Missandei or Grey Worm (especially since they talked about running away together), and Brienne or Jaime, since they’re growing closer.  Still others think that Beric will die after raising someone else from the dead, like Thoros raised him (and Melisandre raised Jon.)

Most spoilers indicate that we should expect major deaths in Episode 3, possibly as many as five big characters. One good source for spoilers is found on Reddit’s freefolk subreddit. But some of the spoilers for Episode 1 and 2 that leaked on there ended up not being accurate, so take everything you read on that subreddit with caution.

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