What Time Is Saturday Night Live on TV Tonight? 4/20

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Saturday Night Live will not be airing a new episode tonight. The show will be airing a rerurn of a previous episode at 8:30 p.m. PST or 11:30 pm EST, depending on your time zone. The episode is question is hosted by comedian and former SNL writer John Mulaney. Next week SNL will also be airing an encore presentation.

Even though tonight’s Saturday Night Live is a rerun, the show still has some exciting news to announce. Executive producer Lorne Michaels revealed that there will be new SNL episodes starting on May 4th, and that former cast member Adam Sandler will host for the first time in his career. The May 4th episode will also feature pop artist Shawn Mendes as the musical guest.

Tonight SNL Is Airing an Encore Presentation of a March Episode

The episode following that, on May 11th, will be hosted by two-time Oscar winner Emma Thompson. This will be Thompson’s first time hosting, and she will be joined by musical guests the Jonas Brothers. Then on May 18th, the Saturday Night Live season finale will see Paul Rudd host for his fourth time, along with musical guest DJ Khaled.

There are two SNL Digital Shorts on tonight’s episode, including a parody spot for the “Toilet Death Ejector.” It is a device that makes dying on the can a little more dignified for the elderly, and the digital short itself features Mulaney. The other one features Pete Davidson, and sees him play his dim character Chad in a Scream-like horror scenario.

SNL Will Return on May 4 With First-Time Host Adam Sandler

Mulaney talked about the inspiration for the “Toilet Death Ejector” during an interview with Vulture. “Well, [former SNL writers] Simon Rich and Marika Sawyer and I always felt that … Well, I won’t speak for them, but I felt there was an inherent tone in our comedy that going to the bathroom is far more interesting than sex in many cases, and there’s too much humor about sex and not enough about going to the bathroom, and that occasionally, even sexual humor will be referred to as toilet humor,” he explained.

“But there really isn’t enough exploration of the very serious situation that is going to the bathroom as an adult,” he continued. “So we had written ‘Toilet Death Ejector’ I think in 2009 at the beginning of my second season there. And twice we tried to get it on, and we didn’t. It was kind of our most beloved orphan… I mean, you know, they’ve shown us multiple sketches about Trump every week, and toilets make people far happier than Donald Trump ever did.”

Mulaney also admitted that he was nervous to host after spending years behind the scenes. “I was very rattled going from being like a busboy to the maître d’. Even though as a busboy-slash-writer I thought I knew everything about the restaurant — if I may stretch this metaphor — that is Saturday Night Live,” he said. “I had a great time on air, but I was very shook all week.”

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