Jake Anderson & Sig Hansen on ‘Deadliest Catch’

Getty The cast of 'Deadliest Catch'

Jake Anderson is going up against his former mentor Sig Hansen on Deadliest Catch. The teaser clip for tonight’s episode shows Anderson and Sean Dwyer teaming up to invade Hansen’s territory. “We’re gonna protect our ground,” Anderson said. “We won’t give these guys any choice but to be pushed out of the area.”

Anderson and Hansen go back a long way. According to Yahoo, Hansen was like a father to Anderson and even helped break him in to crabbing. During the 200th episode, however, Hansen told the young skipper that he would have to go it alone. “You can’t ask for help every single season because then you’re gonna be reliant on somebody else every season, whereas if you do it yourself, then you’re self-reliant,” he said.

Anderson & Hansen Will Be Feuding on the Latest Episode of ‘Deadliest Catch’

Anderson argued that he didn’t have Hansen’s connections. The former took offense, shouting, “So are you calling me a radio fisherman? Because if you are, get the f**k off my boat!” He then took Anderson by the arm and threw him off his boat. As the frustrated Anderson walked away, he yelled, “I’m a f**king better fisherman than you any day of the f**kng week!”

In another episode, Hansen called Anderson a series of names after he passed him on his boat. “He’s a two-faced little f**k you know that? You know that? Why doesn’t he talk to us?”, he said. Hansen went on to accuse Anderson of teaming up with Keith Colburn to get tips. “How the f**k did he get up here? Who turned him on? I think Keith might have been up a little bit to the west of me here,” he continued. “I think Keith has turned into his new little bitch play…but he’s not gonna ruin my season, and if we gotta go to war we go to war. I’m gonna get on the horn with Keith and say ‘look, dude, we got issues…'”

Anderson & Hansen Have Had Various Disagreements Since 2017

Anderson said that his decision to take on Hansen was prompted by his decision to buy into the Saga. “It’s a tough time to buy into the boat, especially because you’re not gonna make a ton of money if you don’t do it right,” he told PopCulture. “We didn’t even know how much money was to be made … it was really high stakes.”

In the same interview, Hansen spoke of his veteran status on Deadliest Catch, and admits that he isn’t as aggressive as he once was. “I’m getting more timid, more conservative, more fearful,” he said. “I’m not saying I got a foot out the door, but I definitely don’t see things the same as when I was an aggressive younger captain.” He also complimented Anderson’s maturation as a fisherman, despite their differences. ” [He’s] grown in leaps and bounds,” he said. “[He’s learned to] go with your gut and fish your own grounds.”

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