Kyle Cooke & Amanda Batula on Summer House: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula

Getty Amanda Batula and Kyle Cooke attend The Pink Agenda's Annual Gala at Tribeca Rooftop on October 11, 2018.

Summer House is in its third season, and the reality show’s stars Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula’s relationship is once again a major storyline and source of drama on the show.

The description for tonight’s episode reads “Carl complains to Lindsay about Paige; Lindsay’s advice is overheard, setting off a chain reaction among the women in the house; as Kyle prepares to ask Amanda to take their relationship to the next level, another cheating rumor surfaces.”

Here’s what you need to know about Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula:

1. They Got Engaged September 2018

On season 3 of the reality show, Cooke’s proposal plans have gotten a good amount of screen time, as well as the drama that surfaced during what was a momentous time for the couple. Since the show films months before it airs, we know based on reports and their own social media announcements that Kyle and Amanda are currently happily engaged.

After he proposed and the news of their engagement broke, Kyle told PEOPLE “Amanda’s the most authentic, genuine person I’ve ever met. I really look up to her. She’s incredibly selfless, thoughtful, generous and accommodating. She puts family and friends as the top priority, and bends over backwards for the people that are important to her. That’s what you look for in someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. She’s a hell of a partner.” Amanda also spoke to the magazine, saying “Aside from how funny and sexy he is, Kyle’s my best friend. He’s the person I go to for everything. And he forces me to be a better person in different ways by pushing me outside of my comfort zone. Life with him is exciting. And to think he wants to spend the rest our his life with me and I feel the same way, it’s just a real happy feeling.”

According to Bravo TV, they had their engagement party in early December 2018 and several Summer House castmates were in attendance. The party was even more significant for the couple because it was where their parents met one another for the first time.

2. Their Relationship Has Been On & Off on Past Seasons of the Show

They’ve been dating since 2015, so their relationship has been well-documented by the reality TV show. Fans have seen Kyle single but chasing after Amanda, his stints with other women while trying to win her back, and finally saw him commit to their relationship and taking steps together. Currently on the show, rumors of his cheating are threatening their relationship.

3. Although They Live Together, They Spend Christmas Apart

This past Christmas, Amanda shared a photo on Instagram with her fiancée, writing in the caption “Merry Christmas my love. Maybe one day one of us will give in and we’ll spend the holidays together.” He shared a photo of her on Instagram on Christmas day, writing “Merry Christmas to my best friend & love of my life. Wish I was with you!” Amanda spent the holiday with her parents and brother, and he was skiing with his family in Vermont.

Nevertheless, they appear to have been reunited in time for New Year’s Eve, and spent the romantic holiday together in New York City, where they live.

4. They Watch Every Episode of ‘Summer House’ Together

On Instagram, Cooke revealed to his followers that since they first started filming Summer House together, “we have watched every episode together, the good ones and the bad. It’s not easy reliving the tough and challenging parts of our relationship every year, ever episode, 8 months after it happened, but here we are. Happily engaged, and about to watch the premiere of Season 3. Thank you to everyone for your love and support!”

Since the third season starting airing, Batula has shared weekly photos with Cooke on social media to promote the show.

5. Cooke Is the Founder of a Nutrition-Based App & Is the Creative Director

Kyle is the founder of Fenix, an invite-only, subscription-based app that provides nutrition consulting. On Fenix’s “Meet the Team” page, Cooke’s bio reads “Hey I’m Kyle. I’ve spent the past year creating Fenix in order to help educate and provide personal consulting to more people. When I’m not at Fenix, I star on Bravo’s Summer House.”

According to Amanda’s LinkedIn profile, she has been the Creative Director of Fenix since June 2016. In addition, she has been a Senior Creative Designer for L’Occitane for the past 5 years.