Lena Headey’s Children: Does the ‘Game of Thrones’ Actress Have Kids?

Lena Headey children


Lena Headey has two children; a 7-year-old son named Wylie and a 3-year-old daughter named Teddy. Headey moved from California to England after wrapping Season 6 of Game of Thrones. Now she’s enjoying an Emmy nomination for the final season and looking forward to her future.

Headey is determined to keep her personal life private and rarely shares information about her family with the media or on social media. She doesn’t share photos of her family but she does share sweet tidbits about her kids, though her posts are fairly rare.

“I’m beyond proud of my brilliant children. I cannot wait to glue myself to the pair of you and not let go,” she captioned an Instagram pic posted earlier this year.

Here’s what you need to know:

Wylie Loughran Was Born in 2010 to Lena & Her Then-Husband Peter Loughran

GettyLena Headey

A few years after Headey married her first husband, Peter Paul Loughran, the two welcomed their only child, a son they named Wylie. Wylie lives in England with Headey and her husband, Dan Cadan.

Headey and Loughran went through a bitter divorce, followed by a nasty custody battle. Things were really trying for the former couple.

“It’s tough,” Headey said of her divorce in 2015, according to Us Weekly. “There’s a lot of hurt and sadness and disappointment. Grief. Massive grief. It’s a mourning process, and yet nobody’s died,” she added.

In 2013, Headey shared that she almost went bankrupt because of her divorce and only had $5 in her bank account at the time.

Beyond the normal feelings of despair following a divorce, custody of Wylie became a source of stress and anxiety. According to TMZ, the former couple agreed to a custody deal that promised Loughran see his son 10 days per month. However, in late 2016, there was a bit of a bump in the road.

“[Headey was] ordered by a custody judge to return to the US with her son after she enrolled him a school in her native England without her ex-husband’s permission,” TMZ reported at the time.

Shortly after, however, Headey moved to London from Los Angeles for good.

“My life’s been mad for the last year,” Headey told the New York Times back in 2017. “I would’ve stayed in L.A. and played the game, but I want my kids to have a bit of grounding.”

She doesn’t share a lot of photos of her son on Instagram, but she did share one recently in the photo above. She wrote: “Haven’t shared this with you but I just saw IT and felt inspired. TBT When my son did my make up.”

Teddy Cadan Was Born in 2015

Headey got pregnant with her second child in 2015. Although she didn’t hide her pregnancy, she did not reveal who fathered her second baby until 2017.

“I like to keep my personal life private,” she told More, according to Us Weekly, before giving birth. In a 2017 interview with the New York Times, Headey revealed that she had found love again and shared the news that her daughter’s dad is her now-husband, Dan Cadan.

She wrote a blog post about her little girl.

“My daughter will have freedom of choice. She will be free to dance, to sing, to be educated in the fields that spark her passion, to marry if she wants, to marry WHO she wants, to remain single, or to fall in love with another woman. She’ll be able to wear what she wants, put on lipstick, and read books that spark debate and expand her mind. She will be loved, protected, respected, and celebrated. All these things that should be, and will be, basic human rights, are a promise to my daughter,” the post read.

In September 2018, Headey posted a photo of her daughter on Instagram in honor of National Daughter’s Day. The photo was liked by more than 123,000 followers.

The Guardian Noted that Headey & Cadan Were Separated, but the Current Status of Their Relationship Isn’t Officially Known


Lena Headey’s current relationship status with husband Dan Cadan is a bit of a mystery, as is much of her private life. She spoke with The Guardian in June 2019, saying that she had wanted a better death for Cersei than was shown on Game of Thrones. The Guardian mentioned in the middle of the story that she has two children, including one with Dan Cadan, “from whom she is now separated.” This is the only mention of a separation in any media publication.

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