Dan Cadan, Lena Headey’s Husband: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Lena Headey husband


The last season of Game of Thrones might have been controversial, but it still has earned a lot of Emmy nominations, including one for Lena Headey in her role as Cersei Lannister. Headey is married and the mother of two. Her husband Dan Cadan is a writer, producer, and director. The couple got married in 2018 and have one daughter together. Headey has a 7-year-old son from a previous relationship. An interview with Headey by The Guardian from June mentioned that the two might now be separated, but their current status is unclear.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Dan Cadan & Lena Headey Married in 2018

Cadan has known Headey for several years, long before the two ever took their relationship to the next level. The two met when they were just kids and became childhood friends, The New York Times shared. In 2015, Headey tweeted the following message, letting her fans know that she had found love again. She wrote: “Hello peeps . All good. Just fallen in unconditional heartbreaking divine love for the second time.”

Cadan and Headey grew closer sometime after her divorce and they were engaged in 2017. About a year later, the two exchanged vows and became husband and wife.

Headey was initially resistant to the idea of getting married again.

“I always said to [Dan Cadan], ‘Don’t ever ask me to marry you, it’s a disaster,’” Headey told The New York Times.

She went on to say that being engaged to Dan Cadan felt wonderful.

Very few details are known about Headey and Cadan’s wedding. They managed to pull off the event without many people finding out about it — which is exactly how Headey wanted it. She tends to keep her personal life very personal, including the current status of her relationship.

2. Cadan & Headey Have a Daughter Together

Cadan and Headey live in the UK. Cadan is a proud father of one; he has a young daughter named Teddy with Headey. When the actress found out that she was pregnant with her second child, she chose to keep the identity of the baby’s father a secret. “I like to keep my personal life private,” she told Us Weekly.

Fans found out that Cadan was the father on July 5, 2017, when The New York Times mentioned that she had a two-year-old child with her fiancé Dan Cadan

The actress is also a mom to seven-year-old son Wylie.

A couple of years ago, Cadan and Headey decided to move from Los Angeles to a small village about 180 miles from London after she finished filming Game of Thrones Season 6.

“My life’s been mad for the last year,” Headey told the New York Times back in 2017. “I would’ve stayed in L.A. and played the game, but I want my kids to have a bit of grounding,” she added.

3. He Is a Writer, Producer & Director & Co-Directed the Music Video ‘Lover of the Light’

Cadan is a filmmaker and has several credits to his name on his IMDb page, including directing feature-length films and short films. In 2018, he wrote and directed the television series Walk Like a Panther.

Cadan broke onto the film scene in the 90s, working any small jobs that he could. As the years went by, he perfected his craft and landed more jobs.

In 2009, he directed the short film The Devil’s Wedding, starring Headey. According to The Independent Critic, the film won the award for Best International Short Film at the 2010 Cleveland International Film Festival.

In 2012, Cadan added a very cool credit to his portfolio; he co-directed the music video for the Mumford & Sons song, “Lover of the Light.” Cadan joined forces with actor Idris Elba, who also stars in the video. Perhaps because Cadan was lesser known, Elba got a lot of the credit for his work on the video.

“We met [Idris] in a pub in London, and we had a chat, and talked about doing something that was, as a music video, very different from anything we’ve done before. Firstly, we wouldn’t be in it, which is a real relief to us, and secondly, it would be kind of observational, rather than narrative. Some people don’t really understand it, which is great, because all that we do is very understandable … so it’s nice to have something that’s a little more challenging to understand,” Marcus Mumford previously told MTV News.

However, according to City Pages, the Mumford crew “handed over creative license” to Cadan after talking things over with Elba.

The video has more than 35 million views. You can watch it below.

4. He’s Headey’s Second Husband After She Had a Difficult Divorce

Headey was previously married to Peter Paul Loughran, with whom she has one son. Loughran is a hairdresser and a musician. Headey and Loughran were married from 2007 until 2013 (they separated officially in 2011), and their breakup left Headey never wanting to get married again.

Their split was very bitter and it was tough on both Headey and Loughran. A nasty custody battle played out in the tabloids for several months.

“It’s tough,” Headey said of her divorce in 2015, according to Us Weekly. “There’s a lot of hurt and sadness and disappointment. Grief. Massive grief. It’s a mourning process, and yet nobody’s died,” she added.

A source told The Sun that Loughran was also having a hard time post-divorce.

“Peter has been wiped out financially over the last few years. It has been very tough on him and he is struggling. He has gone from living the life of a millionaire in Hollywood to living in Leeds on benefits. His friends are worried about how he is coping,” a source told the outlet.

In 2013, Headey shared that she almost went bankrupt because of her divorce and only had $5 in her bank account at the time. But things turned up for her financially later. In 2017, she sold her Sherman Oaks home for $2.05 million, after originally buying it for $790,000 in 2014, Curbed shared.

5. The Guardian Noted that the Two Were Separated, but the Current Status of Their Relationship Isn’t Officially Known


In keeping with Headey’s strong desire to keep her private life private, the current status of her marriage to Cadan isn’t known.

She spoke with The Guardian in June 2019, saying that she had wanted a better death for Cersei than was shown on Game of Thrones. The Guardian mentioned in the middle of the story that she has two children, including one with Dan Cadan, “from whom she is now separated.” This is the only mention of a separation in any media publication.

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