Is Liam Cunningham Married? Does the Game of Thrones Actor Have a Wife?

Liam Cunningham

Getty Liam Cunningham has been married to his wife Colette for nearly 35 years, and the couple shares three children together - daughter Ellen and sons Liam Jr. and Sean.

Liam Cunningham, who plays Davos Seaworth on HBO’s Game of Thrones, will be back again to help battle the Army of the Dead when the eighth and final season premieres this Sunday, April 14

With the season premiere right around the corner, fans of the Irish actor may find themselves wondering about his personal life, and whether or not he is married or dating anyone at this time. Cunningham has been married to his wife Colette Cunningham for nearly 35 years, with whom he shares three children – daughter Ellen and sons Liam Jr. and Sean.

Note: There are very few pictures of Cunningham and his wife or children publicly available, therefore there will not be any posted in the article below. Cunningham appears to enjoy his privacy and prefers to keep his family out of the media.

Here’s what you need to know about Cunningham’s love life:

He Married His Wife So She Could Come to Africa With Him & Because He Was ‘Madly In Love,’ The Two Got Married

Cunningham married his wife Colette when he was 22-years-old because he wanted to take her to Africa with him, but she couldn’t get a visa unless they were married. According to a 2019 interview with the Independent, he lived in Zimbabwe for three and a half years in the 1980s, to work for the Electricity Supply Commission in Africa. Since he was moving there for an extended period of time, he wanted to bring his Colette with him.

“My first time on a plane was going to live in Africa,” he told the Independent. “That’s why I’m an actor. Africa. That’s why. That’s why I have my wife of 34 years,” he says of Colette whom he met when he was 19. “I married her because I couldn’t take her out as my girlfriend.”

When asked why not, he replied: “They wouldn’t give her a visa. So I’m with her, and I’m madly in love, and I was between a rock and a hard place. I had to go because I had never been anywhere. I didn’t want to go without her. So the only way I could bring her was married. So it was either stay and be pissed off or go and be pissed off. Or bring her with me.”

He Says That Getting Married at 22-Years-Old Was a Culture Shock, But He Couldn’t Be Happier

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Although Cunningham and his wife have been together for nearly 35 happy years and have three children together, he said that getting married at 22-years-old was definitely a “culture shock” but that he was happy to have Colette along for the ride.

“I know. F**king mad. What!” he told the Independent, laughing. “I figured that we were going on this mad adventure. If we can go three years with just the pair of us! Look on it as a three-year honeymoon! And we are still there. I am 35 years married this month, by the way.”

Cunningham told the Independent that he and his wife waited to have children for nine years into their marriage, because they were “having a great time” and didn’t want to bother with kids just yet, and that he was also transitioning into acting.

Colette Was Supportive When He Decided to Start Acting But Didn’t Think It Would Turn Into a Career


When asked how his wife reacted when he told her he wanted to start acting, Cunningham said she was really supportive, although she didn’t believe it would become his career. “She was great, She was cool like that. She didn’t envisage it becoming a career,” he told the Independent.

However, Cunningham certainly found a career in acting, and went on to snag starring roles in not only Game Of Thrones, but films such as “The Wind That Shakes the Barley,” and “Hunger,” among many others.

“I was looking to distract myself from the fact that I was bored with the job. I didn’t expect that I would fall in love with it,” he says of acting.

Tune in Sunday, April 14 at 9/8c to catch the eighth and final season premiere of Game of Thrones, only on HBO.

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