LHHATL: Lil Scrappy & Bambi’s Baby Son

Getty Lil Scrappy

Lil Scrappy and Bambi will be at the forefront of tonight’s Love & Hip Hop episode. The couple will be preparing for the arrival of their son Breland, who was born on September 21, 2018. Read on to learn more about Breland and how he’s affected his celebrity parents.

Lil Scrappy and Bambi announced the birth of their son on Instagram. Since then, the couple posted several photos of Breland, and voiced their excitement in the captions. “Still feels like I’m dreaming,” Bambi wrote alongside a photo of her, Scrappy, and the baby. “Breland is just everything.”

Lil Scrappy & Bambi Gave Birth to Breland on September 21, 2018

In a separate post, Scrappy wrote that he was thankful for his son’s health. “Man I woke up way more grateful than I did yesterday, I thank and praise God for my family and the life the spirit of God breathes and flows through my existence,” he wrote. “Look at my lil man and how God has blessed me to see him crawl I could of died but I’m here , so everybody be blessed and get out ya feelings be grateful for what The Big God has next for you.”

In 2014, Bambi revealed that she and Scrappy had a miscarriage. While she was initially hesitant to break the news on Love & Hip Hop, she felt that it was important for other women who had suffered miscarriages. “I did not think that would be something that I wanted to show,” she told S2S Magazine. “I thought about it and I talked to Scrap about it. I thought maybe this would be inspiring to some other woman and she could watch how we recovered from it.”

Lil Scrappy Has a Daughter Named Emani from a Previous Relationship

“I didn’t really think that people would think something like that would be made up for ratings or for a joke,” she added. “The fact that people thought that was made up was really disturbing to me. That was one of the reasons why we just decided to release the discharge papers and be totally open. I chose to do reality TV. I let them be apart of it.”

Breland is Bambi’s first child and Scrappy’s second. He also has a 13 year-old daughter named Emani with his former fiancée, Erica Dixon. He praised Emani for helping him mature as a father on Instagram, writing, “My first born you really taught me how to be a father , and to know your a teenager and your so independent now, feels like I’m out of a job.”

He went on to voice how proud he was of her. “The love and respect that you give me is a great day for me and to see you making great decisions and doing great in school and fighting through and who or whatever is in your way let’s me know I’m doing great through God you will be the greatest,” he added.

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