Meek Mill Gained Buzz from This Song and Met Producer in Unusual Place

Meek Mill

Instagram/Meek Mill Meek Mill posts on Instagram the day he is freed on bail from a Pennsylvania state prison.

Chester, Pennsylvania native Jahlil Beats is one of the hottest producers in the game. You name it, he produced it: Bobby Schmurda’s “Hot N***a” Meek Mill’s “Monster,” and Meek Mill’s hit “Ima Boss” with Rick Ross are most notable.

But who could forget his catchy ‘Jahlil Beats Holla At Me’ voiceover courtesy of his niece?

Dude is official!

But hey, speaking of Meek Mill, Jahlil Beats has tons of work with Philadelphia’s finest!

Appearing on Scoop B Radio, Jahlil Beats broke down his connection to Meek Milly.

Apparently, the two met on Myspace!

“Meek just blew off of this record called “In My Bag,” Jahlil Beats told the Scoop B Radio Podcast.

“Meek had the f*****g city on fire so I just hit him up on Myspace. He was like: “Yo send me some beats.” I sent him three beats and all three of them went on his next mixtape called “Flamers 2” and that shit had the city on fire. There wasn’t a car that drove past that wasn’t banging Meek Mill. That’s pretty much how it started. We had a record called “So Fly” that was spinning on the radio like crazy and he got locked up like right after, maybe before the record even dropped he got locked up. And then they put the record out and Cosmic Kev was spinning it, holding him down and then one day, he just reached out to me while he was in jail, we would talk all the time. He was like: ‘Yo when I get out,’ he was in for like 8, 9 months so when he got out, he kept his word and while he was on house arrest I think he was at his aunt house; we would go into the studio from like; they would let him go to the studio so we would go to the studio from like 12 to 12. Just in the studio banging s**t out, you know what I mean? That’s pretty much how we got real tight.”

These days, Meek is on another stratosphere.

Today he appeared on The Dr. Oz Show to share his incarceration story and discuss the parole system that subjected him to being on probation most of his adult life.

Per Hip Hop DX:

The Philadelphia superstar’s probation woes inspired his own efforts to reform the criminal justice system.

“Me, I’m a strong individual and I’ve got the drive and determination to make all bad situations turn out to be good,” Mill said.

“But I don’t believe I was given a fair shot on probation.”

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