Are the Actors Who Play Missandei & Greyworm on Game of Thrones Dating in Real Life?

Missandei and Greyworm

Getty Jacob Anderson (L) and Nathalie Emmanuel attend Celebrating the Culture Powered by Samsung Galaxy.

HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones is in its final season, and fans are anxiously awaiting the fates of their favorite characters and relationships, including Missandei and Greyworm. Although the two characters’ romance has evolved over the course of the series and share clear on-screen chemistry, the actors who play them, Nathalie Emmanuel and Jacob Anderson, are not and have not been together.

Nathalie Emmanuel is currently in a relationship with actor Alex Lanipekun, who has been in TV projects including Troy: Fall of a City and Homeland. In July 2018, Hollywood Pipeline shared a number of photos of the couple holding hands and shopping on the island of Ischia in Italy. Reports from Fox News indicate that Emmanuel and Lanipekun are still dating as of January 2019, when they were spotted at a performance of the opera La Boheme at the English National Opera.

Jacob Anderson has been married to his wife Aisling Loftus since 2018. In 2016, before the two were married, Anderson told The Guardian “I’ll never forget first setting eyes on my girlfriend… because it all seemed to happen in slow motion. We’ve been together five years. She’s intelligent, sensitive and empathetic, and I’ve never met anybody who cares about people as much as she does. We never run out of things to talk about and our relationship has always felt very natural.” He also reflected in the interview on how he thinks she will be a wonderful mother and that they talk about parenthood.

Fans have loved watching Missandei and Greyworm’s relationship develop over time on the show and their relationship garnered even more attention after the characters were physically intimate for the first time in season 7, especially since Greyworm is a eunuch on the show and Missandei has had several curious conversations about how that might impact him sexually. Before that momentous and heartfelt scene in the second episode of the seventh season, their feelings for each other had not been spoken. Of that scene and what it meant for Missandei and Greyworm, Emmanuel told Entertainment Weekly:

“There’s something unique about it purely because of Grey Worm’s situation — his brutal history of being mutilated — there’s a real sense of trust here and that really plays out in this lovely scene where they physically act upon their love. For him to do that is a really big deal and Missandei knows that and doesn’t really care. She just loves him and that intimacy they’ve shared comes to a head. Missandei is always so official and straight and poised so to be vulnerable and see her human side of her, a little off balance, is kind of great and fun to play. She’s kept things very together to stay composed but this scene is the opposite of that. She’s quite clear about what she wants because she fears she’ll never have the chance to have that with him again.”

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