Nikki’s Baby Daddy Ryan on ‘Young Moms Club’

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Nikki Elise Hussey is one of the stars of the Teen Mom spinoff Young Moms Club. The series will follow her as she juggles being a mother with a fledgling model career. According to Distractify, however, her baby daddy and boyfriend Ryan DeVerse feels that she should put her family before her modeling career.

Nikki met Ryan when she moved to San Diego at age 18. They gave birth to a daughter named Alaia, which Nikki admits led to some awkward conversations with her family. “I came from a wealthy family and a conservative community in Singapore where it was almost taboo having a baby out of wedlock,” she told Us Weekly. By August 2018, the couple had split, but Nikki said that their relationship was a “work in progress”, and they eventually got back together.

Ryan DeVerse Is the Father of Nikki’s 2 Year Old Daughter Alaia

According to Ryan’s Facebook, he attended San Diego Mesa College and previously lived in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. He describes himself as a “business owner” and a “father” in his bio, but is listed as “single” under relationship status. He is currently the Vice President of Kona Labs, a company run by family member Richard DeVerse.

“Kona Labs mission is fulfilled today through the inventions of Richard DeVerse, Ph.D and the effort of his family along with the many who innovate, design, build, deliver and sell Kona Labs patented products and technologies,” reads the company’s mission statement. “We are proud of our USA MADE family of products that provide sustainable, technology-driven solutions that help consumers live a better life while saving their money and saving our precious resources.”

Ryan Is the VP of the San Diego Company Kona Labs

Nikki rarely posts photo of Ryan on her Instagram, as her profile is mainly dedicated to her modeling career. This has led to some friction between the two, however. Distractify reports that Nikki’s growing social media following has affected her relationship, “and not in a good way.” Ryan has an Instagram profile of his own, but it is currently set to private. His profile a photo of him and his daughter.

Nikki told Page Six that she was eager to show viewers the difficulty of being a young mother. “I’m really just excited to have people see us really develop as a group of girlfriends and just seeing our dynamic and really seeing what a strong group of young moms look like,” she said. “And really understanding that being a young mom isn’t glamorized in any way.”

“I know that was a big misconception with our show and stuff, but when you get to watch you’ll understand that we’re just trying to be normal and balance it all,” she continued. “So I think the viewers will be really pleased with our series.”