Is ‘The Orville’ Renewed or Canceled for Season 3? Updates about the Show’s Future

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Fans are on pins and needles wondering if The Orville is renewed yet by Fox for Season 3. The episode’s season finale is next week and the plans for the show’s future are still up in the air. Here’s what we know so far.

Fox has already started announcing some cancellations and so far The Orville isn’t on that list. But that’s not a guarantee yet. However, Deadline reported that after the news of The Gifted‘s cancellation, they believe The Orville‘s chances of renewal are looking good. Deadline noted, “The Orville, also from 20th TV, is expected to be renewed.”

20th Century Fox TV is now part of Disney, so there’s a chance that any shows owned by them and canceled by Fox could later be picked up by Disney for Disney+ streaming or for Hulu streaming (of which Disney also owns a significant part.)

Unfortunately, it could be a while before we learn The Orville‘s face. Last year, Fox announced some cancellations in May. In fact, Fox canceled five series in May and didn’t renew Gotham or Lethal Weapon until May 13, 2018. So we may not learn Fox’s decision on The Orville until mid-May 2019.

The good news in The Orville‘s favor is that ratings are picking up. On April 8, Variety reported that The Orville was one of the big gainers. In Live+7, The Orville doubled its ratings, growing from 0.6 to 1.4 in delayed viewing (a jump of 133 percent.) Ratings increases like that are definitely going to help its renewal chances.

Tom Costantino, AP/editor for The Orville, occasionally comments on Reddit about the show. When someone on Reddit started a thread about having confidence in a possible Season 3 renewal, Costantino wrote: “Patience gang, hang in there. Would say more if I could.” Then he later wrote, “I think I learned my first lesson about Reddit today. Managed to be called a b****, a liar and a PR shill in the span of 10 minutes. That’s a record, even for me!” Apparently the troll comments were just from one person who liked saying negative things about The Orville. Some fans are getting overly excited about Costantino’s vague message. But in reality, it neither confirms nor denies the future for The Orville.

Interestingly, he basically said the same thing when someone started a thread with the subject line “Evidence the show won’t be renewed.” He just responded, “Patience.”

In a thread with a similar topic, he wrote: “Don’t lose hope, as stated above.” He referred readers to a comment by another person about how Fox wasn’t mentioning most of its decisions on renewals or cancelations yet, partially due to Disney.

If you’re wondering how many episodes The Orville will have if it’s renewed, it will likely be the same number of episodes in Season 3. Costantino noted on Reddit that The Next Generation had 20 to 40 VFX per episode and The Orville averages 600. It would be impossible to do more episodes. He wrote, “110 hour weeks 7 days a week is about all the human body can handle. We can try to get out 18, but we’ll need people to attend our collective funerals since there will be so many at once. We shoot, post, budget as a steaming [sic] show. We are in line with that output. Unless there is a world where there are 22 eps of stranger things in a season.”

He also added: “Would love to do 22 [episodes]. We’d literally die.”

At one point fans thought about sending jars of pickles to encourage Fox to renew The Orville.

But Costantino said on Reddit that this wasn’t a great idea. “The pickles were immediately rerouted to our office because the mailroom is smart enough to not land pickles in the lobby of the exec building! Hence don’t send pickles. :)” 


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