Phil Keoghan Wife: Is the ‘Amazing Race’ Host Married?

Getty Phil Keoghan

Phil Keoghan is married to Louise Rogrigues. The couple have been together for over decades, and have partnered on a number of different TV shows, including the Discovery Channel series No Opportunity Wasted. Learn more about Louise and her marriage below.

According to TCM, Louise is an award-winning television producer and director. She has produced the TV specials Paparazzi and The Making of a Child Star, in addition to co-creating No Opportunity Wasted with her husband. The couple lives in Santa Monica, California, and have two additional residences in Matarangi and Westport, New Zealand.

Phil Keoghan Has Been Married to His Wife Louise for Decades

Keoghan and Louise recently collaborated on the documentary Le Ride. The documentary offers a recreation of the first English speaking team to race in the toughest sporting event on earth, the Tour de France. Keoghan talked about his interest in the story during a talk with Smashing Interviews. “My wife and I, my producing partner and I, found this book about the first English speaking team to ride in the Tour de France,” he said.

“As cycling fans, we couldn’t quite believe that this story hadn’t really been told apart from this limited edition book, and it seemed sad to us that more people didn’t know the story,” he added. “So we started talking about maybe how this would be a good subject for a film, but we really did not anticipate that it would end up being as big a challenge as it ended up being.” Louise doesn’t have an Instagram, but she does have a Twitter account where she promotes her husband’s work.

Louise Is an Award-Winning Director & TV Producer

The couple have a daughter named Elle Keoghan. While the details of Elle’s life have been kept under wraps, Keoghan has talked about his daughter in various interviews. “When I travel on the road, I have to do my own [makeup] all the time, pretty much,” he told the Huffington Post. “It’s just me, a camera man and a sound guy. No assistant, no wardrobe, no makeup, no producer, no writer. I’m so comfortable with my sexuality that I don’t mind saying that I have done my daughter’s make-up for her prom and when we went to the Emmys and when we went to the Grammys. And I gotta say my make-up job looks pretty good.”

Keoghan also talked about bringing his daughter to the Emmy Awards, and how he had to adjust to her being perceived as an adult by others. “She’s 16 years old, in high heels she’s six feet, she was getting hit on by every man,” he told Access Hollywood Live. “I mean, so many people [were hitting on her], and somebody famous too, by the way. It was just weird. She’s my 16-year-old daughter. But, she’s a woman now.”