Who Leaked the Radar Online Dog Story on RHOBH?

Getty Dorit Kemsley

Dorit Kemsley is still dealing with the fallout of “Puppygate”, or the story about her leaving her adopted dog with another family. The story was leaked by an anonymous source, but Kemsley now feels that Lisa Vanderpump is the culprit. She detailed her accusations in a recent blog post.

“When I saw the Radar Online article, my initial thought was that the information had been supplied by Lisa V or her team because most of it was described in Lisa’s voice,” Kemsley wrote. “What solidified my assumption was the fact that there are certain points addressed in the scathing article that only Lisa V and her team were privy to.” She went on to say that Vanderpump supported her decision to leave the dog with another family.

Dorit Kempsey Has Accused Lisa Vanderpump of Leaking the Story

“Only Lisa V and her team knew that Lucy was a chihuahua mix, and it was Lisa V, who when I spoke with after Lucy went to her new home, described the situation as ‘Lucy nipping at the kids’,” she added. “It was she who first used the word ‘nipping’ regarding the situation. Need I remind you that on that same call, Lisa V was supportive of Lucy going to a new home as she never asked me to bring her back to the center.”

Kemsley wrote that she felt betrayed by Vanderpump’s actions. “The worst part about all of this is that Lisa V didn’t bother to call me after the Radar Online article came out like a real friend should’ve,” she remarked. “Her silence about the article crystallized the fact that there was a clear agenda. The whole thing reeks of propaganda and shows how adamant she was about benefiting from publicity at the expense of her friend.”

Vanderpump Has Denied Leaking the Story & Blamed RHOBH Producers for the Drama

This isn’t the first time that Kemsley has accused Vanderpump of being involved. During a March episode of RHOBH, Kemsley felt that the slight went beyond “Puppygate”, and spoke to her friendship with Vanderpump overall. “This is no longer about Lucy and a lie,” she said. “This is about my friendship with Lisa Vanderpump. She plotted against me behind my back to hurt me.”

Vanderpump responded to the rumors in her own blog post. “I sent Dorit a text urging her to get in front this issue,” she wrote. “I would have thought that would have included Dorit going down to the center and calming an already emotional young staff, reassuring them that her intentions, albeit careless, had no malintent.” She went on to explain that “Puppygate” has been drawn out just for the sake of drama.

“It’s ironic that the same person who is rushing to Dorit’s side, telling her not to cry and that she was her friend, was also accusing me of protecting her at the center,” she continued. “It’s laughable, really. This whole matter ought to have been put to bed after the lunch between Dorit and PK and me and Ken, but everybody incessantly feels the need to harp on it.”