Sean Dwyer Wife: Is the Deadliest Catch Star Married?

Sean Dwyer and his wife Brianna have been married since 2018. Sean is a fisherman best known for his role on Discovery’s Deadliest Catch, and Brianna is a professional photographer. The couple is notoriously private and rarely shares details about their personal lives.

Sean and Brianna keep low profiles in general. They were dating as far back as 2016, and while they kept the details about their wedding a secret, Sean confirmed their wedding date on Instagram. “I missed my one month anniversary post,” he wrote in the caption. “Could be because it landed on the opening day of King Crab 2018.”

Sean & Brianna Dwyer Got Married on September 15, 2018

According to her website bio, Brianna’s photo business is based out of Seattle. “About 3 years ago I made my way to Alaska for the first time where I rediscovered my passion for photography,” she wrote. “Now I go back every year and point my camera specifically at the fishing industry and the many people who work hard to keep it sustainable.” She added that she shoots portraits and weddings and when she’s not working with fisherman.

Like Sean, Brianna posts photos of them on her Instagram. “I forgot to post something about being married for 3 months. Neither him or I are very good about announcing our relationship milestones,” she wrote in December. “I don’t think that’s a bad thing though. We have full days and weeks and moths packed with with family, friends and of course fishy things. We know where we’re at and that’s in love with each other and our life together.” She also posts photos of her work.

The Couple Shot Down Rumors That They Were Having a Baby In March

On March 25, Brianna posted a photo of her and Sean on a boat. “The start of a new chapter is in this photo. Can you find it?,” she wrote. “This year is going to be a whirlwind and a roller coaster all wrapped into one. Making moves with this guy is the best thing I could have ever imagined.” The caption led many to speculate that the couple were expecting a baby. Brianna responded to followers in the comment section, however, and assured them that she was not pregnant.

Sean hasn’t talked much about his desire for a family, but he has spoken about the important role that fishing played in his childhood. “It was during the summer and we used to go out on Jennifer A, which was named after my mom. We used to go out on the Jennifer A for two to three weeks at a time,” he told Alaska Sporting Journal. “I remember being in Southeast Alaska and there were icebergs and whales; I was just a kid running around in my life jacket watching the big guys work. It was awesome to see the big-boy stuff: the machinery, fish flying around. I think I was probably like 5 or 6 years old. It just stuck with me ever since.”

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