Somnifix on Shark Tank: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

ABC Nicholas A. Michalak pitches Somnifix on 'Shark Tank.'

SomniFix Mouth Tape is a sleeping aid created by father-and-son duo Andre and Nicholas Machalak. The latter appeared on Shark Tank to pitch the product, in the hopes that investors will help them get better distribution and increase their inventory.

SomniFix’s Mouth Tape improves sleep quality and reduces snoring by opening up the respiratory airway of the user. Learn more about the Machalaks and their background, and why they feel a Shark will help get their strips into homes across the country.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. SomniFix Mouth Tape Is Designed to Improve Snoring & Prevent Sleep Apnea

SomniFix Mouth Tape gently hold the lips together with a hypoallergenic adhesive. The strip is applied to the mouth, thus supporting the mandible and tongue and allowing the respiratory airway of the user to be properly used during sleep.

According to All Shark Tank Products, a weak mandible causes the mouth to open while we are sleep, and then we break through the mouth, forcing the tongue to fall backward and obstruct our airway. Here are some of the benefits that set it apart from similar products:

  • SomniFix relaxes the body and mind, much the same as meditation and massage do, to achieve and maintain a deep sleep.
  • SomniFix increases the production of nitric oxide, which, among other benefits, kills bacteria in airborne particles and dilates blood vessels, raising blood supply and lowering blood pressure.
  • SomniFix prevents conditions such as dry mouth, sore throat or nasal congestion.

The mouth strips are comfortable and easy to wear, and are made out of hypoallergenic materials. Suppose you are a bit wary about your lips being sealed while you sleep.

2. Andre Machalak Is a Doctor Who Invented SomniFix to Help His Patients

Andre Machalak is a doctor who specializes in internal medicine. He invented SomniFix as a way of helping patients who were suffering from the effects of not breathing through their nose while asleep. Andre also suffered from chronic snoring, and was eager to remedy the issue in his own life.

Andre’s son Nicholas recounted the process that led to the creation of SomniFix. “In my father’s case, you know, he tried the CPAP. It didn’t work for him,” he told Super Human Radio. “He moved on and he tried one of those sleep apnea oral appliances that that holds the lower jaw for horrible. I wore one just to try to stop breathing and it took me a year to get my bite back when I chewed.”

“You can rest assured knowing that if you absolutely need to open your mouth. The device is coming off,” he continued. “But the real key to our product is actually the little breathing vent in our strip. So we had this little breathing been in the middle of the. That when you wear the strip your default will be to nose breathing and you’re going to be breathing through the nose.”

3. You Cannot Use SomniFix Mouth Tape If You Have Certain Breathing Conditions

Not everyone can use SomniFix Mouth Tape. If you have sleep apnea, nasal breathing difficulties, are obese, have chapped lips, low blood pressure, or you’ve been drinking, you should not use Somnifix. Nicholas Machalak says that SomniFix runs various tests to determine whether you are a good fit for the product.

“We generally do a snore test to help people determine where their snores originate. You can do it quite easily,” he said. “In a comfortable, reclined sleeping position, try to create a snore noise with your mouth open. Then close your mouth and try to create the same snore noise. If you are only able to snore with an open mouth, then you are an open mouth snorer. If you are able to snore with the mouth closed, then you are a nose snorer.”

“In children, habitual mouth breathing is correlated with malocclusion, retrognathic jaw development, and smaller respiratory airways,” Nicholas added. “Mouth breathing also leads to discomforts such as dry mouth, sore throat, nasal congestion, and chronic sinus issues.”

4. Nicholas Machalak Believes That SomniFix Is the ‘Future’  of Sleeping Aids

Nicholas is confident that SomniFix is the future of sleeping aids and breathing apparatuses in general. “Users should expect an acclimation period of up to a week or two,” he said. “SomniFix Mouth Strips generally have a 5-night acclimation period. They will work from the first night if properly applied; however, removal during sleep is common while users become used to them.”

“We strongly believe that non- or minimally-invasive products are the future,” Nicholas told Boston Sleep. “Products that require the least amount of acclimation or training for the end user will do very well in building customer bases. We also hope to see a more use of combination therapy between OTC [over the counter] devices.”

In 2018, SomniFix partnered with the travel blog Ultimate Globe Trotter to show athletes the importance of breathing properly. “Elite-level athletes know that the way you breathe when you train is a critical component of building towards competition. SomniFix’s mouth strips are quickly becoming a training essential,” said UGT host Elliot Trotter. “Nicholas and SomniFix have shown overwhelming support of our vision for UGT and have supplied the show and Humiliswag with Mouth Strips that are helping get our breathing right to win a championship.”

5. SomniFix Will Be Looking for a Shark to Expand Its Inventory & Distribution

SomniFix is currently available to purchase on Amazon. A box of single use face strips costs $20, and the they have a solid rating of four stars, based on 381 Amazon reviews. That said, SomniFix is not carried by any major chain stores, and the Shark Tank Blog infers that Nicholas will be looking to break down that barrier.

When we created SomniFix, we sought to leverage breathing patterns to improve sleep,” Andre and Nicholas write on their website. “And our mission as a company is clear: to change how society breathes, one nose at a time.”