Swoveralls on Shark Tank: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

ABC Kyle Bergman pitches Swoveralls on 'Shark Tank.'

Swoveralls is a clothing brand founded by Kyle Bergman. He will be pitching the brand on Shark Tank, in the hopes that investors will help him expand his visibility and his global reach.

Swoveralls was launched in 2017, and its titular product is a combination of sweats and overalls. Read on to learn more about Bergman and his background, as well as his hopes for getting the clothing brand into stores across the country.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Swoveralls Are a Combination of Sweat Pants & Overalls

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Swoveralls are a product that combine sweatpants and overalls into one “comfy” and “cool” item. They cost $95 each on the official website, and come in various colors; including gray, black, and navy blue. If you order more than ten swoveralls, you can also get a logo of your choice printed on front of each one.

Since Bergman is appearing on Shark Tank, there is a discount being offered for a limited time. If you buy a swoverall using the code “SHARKTANK15”, you will get 15% off your overall purchase. Swoveralls are made of lightweight organic terry cotton sourced in the United States, and they include side snaps, jogger-pant elastic cuff, overall-like adjustable straps, and front and rear pockets.

The latest version, dubbed “Swoveralls 2.0”, has higher quality buckles, a giant pocket on the bib, and a wider assortment of colors and patterns. These versions are also manufactured in Los Angeles, California instead of China, which is where they were originally made.

2. Bergman Created Swoveralls After Hearing of a Similar Item for Women

According to the Shark Tank Blog, Bergman came up with the concept for Swoveralls after he heard of a similar novelty item for women. He loved the style and wanted a pair, but couldn’t find any options for men. So he made a pair for himself, and they proved popular within his group of friends. He did a Google keyword search, and promptly discovered that over 1,000 monthly searchers were dedicated to finding such an item.

Bergman founded Swoveralls and its accompanying moniker, the Great Fantastic, in 2017. He explained the meaning behind the moniker on the official website. “Where did the Great Fantastic name come from? When I was younger my mom would say it once in a while when she was reminiscing about her glory days,” he wrote.

“She always used the term when talking about risk-taking, adventure, and noteworthy experiences—which I guess is what this whole project evokes in me,” Bergman continued. “Said differently, The Great Fantastic is an adventure and experience I’ve created for myself, and anyone who wants to join me, as all are invited to the party!”

3. Bergman Is a Part-Time Student at NYU’s Stern School of Business

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In addition to his Swoverall duties, Bergman works for the beauty subscription service Birchbox and is a part-time student at NYU’s Stern School of Business. “I’m not the most organised person, but I live and die by my calendar, whether it’s scheduling to pay rent or doing a strategy presentation for my job at Birchbox,” he told Business Insider. “Everything is on my calendar.

“The team that I work with is incredibly regimented yet fluid, and our goal of providing guys with the easiest way to discover new grooming options through a subscription product has been great as well,” he said of Birchbox. “Going to business school was always something I was open about during the interview process, as well as playing lacrosse for the Israeli national team. They have always been super supportive of my extra curriculars.”

“I was kind of already conditioned to juggle a lot,” he said in reference to his years as a student-athlete. “It’s really what gives me energy now. It’s really what gets me up in the morning and excited.”

4. Swoveralls Met Its $10K KickStarter Goal In a Single Day

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Swoveralls launched a 2018 KickStarter campaign for its second round of production, and reached its $10,000 goal in a single day. By the time the campaign ended, Bergman and company had raised over $75,000. They raised an additional $32,000 on Indiegogo.

Bergman told the Springfield News Leader that many customers view Swoveralls as a fashion statement. There are some, however, who use it for more active means. Bergman said that a customer in Whitehorse, Yukon bought the garment as “more as a comfort leisure utility item.” And while Swoveralls was initially marketed to men, Bergman announced that nearly 60% of customers are female.

Bergman feels that Swoveralls connect best with adults who share his unique sense of style. “I guess I would describe my own style as the child born from Adam Sandler’s character in Happy Gilmore and Luke Wilson’s in The Royal Tenenbaums,” he told Thrillest.

5. Bergman Wants a Shark Tank Investor to Help Him Reach Chain Stores

Bergman will be pitching to Shark Tank on the basis that he can get an investor to help him break into chain stores. Swoveralls are not currently available at larger chains like Walmart or Target, but he told the Springfield News-Leader would eventually like to do business with them.

“I’m definitely not going to say no to any of those opportunities,” he revealed. “Working with one of those brands would be life-changing for a small business like mine.” Bergman similarly told Business Insider that Swoveralls is his professional passion.

“I love creating and making things happen,” he explained. “If I’m doing a good job, I’m learning from my mistakes and looking at the things I’ve done — what worked, what didn’t — and how I can leverage those experiences to make it better. I know it’s cliché to say, but I don’t see it as work because I love doing it.”