Twitter Reacts to Taylor Swift’s New Single ‘ME!’

Taylor Swift new song


Taylor Swift is back. The megastar artist just dropped the video for her new single “ME!” and fans couldn’t be more excited. The single, which features Panic! At the Disco vocalist Brendon Urie, is a change of pace for Swift, but based on the initial wave of reactions, it is a wildly successful one. Check out the best memes and Twitter reactions!

Fans were quick to deem “ME!” the song of the summer. “You had me at cats & rainbows. Once again, Taylor Swift is going to spark joy for millions with Me!” wrote one user. “I have a feeling that her new music will strongly connect with those discovering exactly who they are or could be. I am a fan of any art form that soothes another’s journey.”

“Me! is exactly the kind of song I want to listen to with the windows down driving to the beach,” tweeted another. “This is definitely the next summer song!” Check out additional reactions below.

Fans were instantly taken by the collaboration between Swift and Urie. While the former is known for country and pop, the latter is known for his embrace of alternative and rock. The combination had some listeners confused, but most were left in awe of what they created.

“The talent between Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie… We don’t deserve it we simply don’t deserve it,” wrote one fan. Another joked that the odd couple pairing of Swift and Urie was “like bringing the emo Percy Jackson kids and the sunshine Percy Jackson kids together.”

Another popular topic for users is the parallel between the “ME!” release date and the release date for the new Marvel film Avengers: Endgame. A particularly clever user took the Endgame comparison as a chance to praise the Swift track of the same name. “So glad so many people are talking about ‘End Game’ on the eve of ‘Me’,” they wrote. “I agree, it’s an underrated cut from Rep and one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs, glad it’s getting its dues!”

Others said that their T. Swift fandom trumped any allegiance they might have to Marvel and the Avengers squad. “If anyone happens to be curious about what Taylor Swift means to me, I’m literally here contemplating skipping seeing Endgame tonight so I can experience what she has in store for me,” a passionate user tweeted.

Then, of course, there were Swift’s public appearances. As is often the case with a Swift sighting, her appearance in Nashville and her ABC interview gave fans plenty to work with in terms of memes and comedic facial expressions. “I’m sorry but in just a span of a few hours we got new memes and I am living,” wrote one amused fan. “SKSKSKSKKS this is the face of someone who’s about to throw the world upside down with new music.”


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