The Bang Shack on Shark Tank: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

ABC Jason Hadley pitches The Bang Shack on 'Shark Tank.'

The Bang Shack is a chicken dip created by Jason Hadley. He will appear on Shark Tank to pitch the dip, in the hopes that investors will help him get it into retail stores across the country.

The Bang Shack is based out of the Yellow Green Farmers Market in Hollywood, Florida, and offers various kinds of dip. Learn more about Hadley, his background, and what his plans are for the future of the business.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Bang Shack Offers Different Kinds of Chicken Dips

The Bang Shack offers three different dip flavors: chicken dip, a zucchini based vegetarian dip and a cashew based vegan dip. The prices for each dip vary, with the regular chicken dip costing $7 and the specialty dips costing $7 and $9 respectively. Hadley uses a special family recipe to make each dip, and his wife makes the began offering is made from %100 cashews.

The Bang Shack offer several other dishes at their stand in Hollywood, Florida. These dishes include a bang burrito, a bang dog, and bang nachos. They also sell merchandise on their official website, including a $15 t-shirt and an $18 tank top. In an interview with Voyage MIA, Hadley described the dip as an extension of himself.

“This dip is a phenomenal representation of my past experiences, passions, and strengths,” he said. “I love communicating with people, putting smiles on peoples faces, selling, hustling, cooking and getting paid based on my performance. The Bang Shack is my dream business. There is nothing out there like my World Famous Chicken Bang Dip.”

2. Hadley Developed a Passion for Cooking at a Young Age

Hadley has spoken at length about his youth, and how his impoverished upbringing influenced his entrepreneurial spirit. “I am a product of interracial parents during a time where being of mixed heritage was not accepted in the south side of St. Petersburg, Fl,” he explained. “I always had a passion for cooking, and from a young age would cook for his four siblings. My family was impoverished so there was not much to choose to cause me to get very creative in the kitchen.”

“At age ten, I started selling newspapers and candy bars door to door and immediately realized that I had a passion for sales,” he continued. “I also mowed lawns around the neighborhood for money to help out my mom who was a single mom holding down two jobs to try to provide for this family of five.” Hadley became a father at age 15, and he said that the birth of his child motivated him to become a provider.

He hit upon the idea for The Bang Shack in 2002, when he attended a networking event. “I was invited to a networking event and had to bring a dish,” he recalled. “This is when The Chicken Bang Dip was first discovered. It was an instant hit and inspired me to go back to my first passion of cooking.”

3. His Wife Claudia Helped Him Open the First Bang Shack Back In 2017

Hadley has always had a passion for sales. At age 10, he sold newspapers and candy bars door to door. He also mowed lawns around the neighborhood for money to help out his mom and his younger siblings. This sense of family unity continued into adulthood, as Hadley worked closely with his wife Claudia to open The Bang Shack.

Hadley told Voyage MIA that his wife was instrumental in getting The Bang Shack off the ground. “In late 2016, as I and my wife were visiting a large local farmers market, she suggested that I start selling my dip there,” he said. “We opened The Bang Shack in January of 2017 with just two crockpots and the original chicken bang dip.”

He went on to explain that the pressure to succeed was exacerbated by the fact that his wife lost her job around the same. “Soon after got the news that my wife’s job was being outsourced to India. She had been working there for 20 years,” Hadley revealed. “This added more desperation and urgency to get this business to work. We have been consistently growing the business ever since.”

4. Hadley Wants to Expand the Bang Shack Brand Into Grocery Stores

Currently, The Bang Shack has a location Hollywood, Florida, and an online store. It does not yet have a partnership with a chain store or a local grocery. It’s likely that Hadley will look to have one of the Sharks help him crossover into the grocery chains and expand his dip nationwide.

In April, Hadley posted an Instagram photo of him and his wife, and reflected on how far the business has come. “It’s been 2 years & 4 months since we opened at the @ygfarmersmarket . This was the first picture we took in our booth,” he wrote. “We started the #BangShack as a team & have worked together through all of the trials & tribulations to make it what it is today!!”

“All of our dedication & hard work has led us to this point & we are so grateful to be the finale episode of @sharktankabc this season,” he added. “We love our Bang Shack family & are so thankful for the well wishes in all of our endeavors!!”

5. Hadley Is Excited for His Shark Tank Pitch to Air on ABC

Hadley has posted about his enthusiasm for Shark Tank on his Facebook page. “It’s official!!!! We finally have a Shark Tank date,” he wrote on April 6. “The Bang Shack will be featured on the hit TV show Shark Tank.”

Hadley previously explained that he uses humor to get through stressful situations, so its likely we will see his personality come out during the televised pitch. “When I was a child, we had it rough. At times, we didn’t know where our next meal was coming from,” he admitted. “Whenever my family was in a bad place, I’d get up and tell a joke or do a funny dance to make everyone laugh. I was always a clown, but really loved how I’d always look at the good of a situation we were going through.”

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