‘Game of Thrones’: When Did Theon & Sansa First Fall in Love?

HBO Theon and Sansa on 'Game of Thrones.'

While Season 8 of Game of Thrones continues to bring long-awaited reunions to the small screen, the meeting of Sansa Stark and Theon Greyjoy was not as highly-anticipated as say Gendry and Arya, but it left in an indelible mark on viewers.

With his sister Yara’s blessing, Theon chose to return to fight alongside Jon Snow and Daenerys against the White Walkers and Ice Dragon, instead of fleeing to the Iron Islands. Sansa, who’s now the self-confident Lady of Winterfell, and Theon, a brave knight who’s risked his life time and again in order to be redeemed for the many, many ways he’s brought shame to both the Stark and Greyjoy families.

It was goosebumps inducing scene, Sansa grasping Theon into a large hug upon his to return to Winterfell. The tears in both of their eyes, it would be hard to argue that it wasn’t love they were both feeling. The Twitterverse was quick to dub the pair, “Theonsa.”

The last time we saw Sansa and Theon, the latter was referred to at the time as “Reek” by the evil Ramsay Bolton, and they narrowly escaped the Bolton’s imprisonment. Once a pathetic excuse of an honorable Greyjoy or Stark, Theon attempted to start to make things right by risking his life to save Sansa from Ramsay. In the Season 5 finale, with Theon’s help, Sansa was able to get revenge by feeding the sick, sadistic Ramsay, the man who raped her, to a pack of hungry dogs.

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In the beginning of Season 6, Sansa and Theon were on the run to Castle Black with the help of Brienne of Tarth and Podrick. However, Theon told Sansa that there was no way to make amends for the horrible things he’s done, like betraying Robb Stark, murdering two farm boys in order to pretend Bran and Tommen were dead in order to take over Winterfell for himself, and couldn’t show his face to Jon. Sansa fought for him to stick around, but Theon couldn’t handle his own shame.

Theon and Sansa both greatly suffered at the hands of Ramsay, but by working together to escape his grasp, the unlikely pair formed a deep bond, and it’s not an overstatement to say the Theon fell in love with Sansa. As a pair, they learned some of life’s most difficult lessons: the act of true forgiveness, and believing in their own strength.

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