Tiffany ‘Monie’ Cashette’s Son: Monie Quits Show Over Custody Battle

Tiffany 'Monie' Cashette, Little Women Atlanta

Instagram Tiffany "Monie" Cashette announced recently that she was leaving Lifetime's Little Women: Atlanta after she lost a custody battle for her son, Derrick Jr.

Tiffany “Monie” Cashette announced recently that she was leaving Lifetime’s Little Women: Atlanta after personal issues regarding a custody battle for her son, Derrick Jr., overlapped with her appearance on the show.

During last week’s season premiere episode, an emotional Monie lost her court battle to move her son from Houston to Atlanta. Last week’s episode was Monie’s last appearance on the show, as she was moving to Texas to be closer to her son, Derrick Beckton Jr., who is 13-years-old.

“Monie’s starred on the show [Little Women: Atlanta] since it began … but our sources tell us she feels like her son, Derrick Beckton Jr., needs his mom’s influence and care at a critical point in his life — so she’s dropping everything to move to Houston,” TMZ reports.

TMZ reports that Monie was trying to gain custody of her son for over a year, battling her ex-husband in the Texas courts. The publication claims that she left the show due to losing her custody battle over her son, and that she was already traveling between Atlanta and Houston for 3 years to see him, before making the decision to drop everything so she could be more involved in his life. A representative for the reality star told TMZ that her decision to leave the show wasn’t hard.

“Sounds like quitting the show was an easy decision … we’re told Monie will always put her son before her career,” TMZ reports.

Monie married her husband Morlin in a 2017 special titled Monie Gets Married!, and later said it was one of the best experiences of her life. “More and more, I see he genuinely loves me. And being a little person, that’s hard,” she told In Touch Weekly. “We all go through that — trying to find someone who genuinely loves you, not looking at you, or your height, or your size, or your uniqueness — he really loves my heart.”

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“So that’s something I really appreciate about him, because I feel like that can help us go far,” she continued. “A lot of times, I was loved for the wrong reasons by a person, and it was messed up in other areas because after that uniqueness faded away to them — or I guess it got old to them — everything else about me was old, and I was cheated in certain way. So that’s what I appreciate about Morlin.”

Not much else is known about Monie’s son, other than the fact that she’s leaving the show to be closer to him. There aren’t many pictures of Derrick Jr. on her Instagram page, although she has made it clear that her son is her life, and she’d do anything to be close to him, including leaving her career behind.

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