Tormund, Brienne & Jaime Reunion: Memes & Reactions About the ‘Game of Thrones’ Love Triangle

Brienne, Jaime and Tormund

HBO Brienne, Jaime and Tormund

One of the best parts of Season 8 Episode 2 on Game of Thrones was Brienne’s reunion with Tormund and Brienne’s reunion with Jamie. While Brienne’s reunion with Jaime was incredibly touching, her reunion with Tormund was the comic relief we all need. This post has spoilers for Season 8 Episode 2. 

Tormund immediately wanted to know where Brienne was when he showed up to Winterfell, after warning Jon about the White Walkers’ arrival. He’s completely infatuated with Brienne, and she still has zero interest in him. Every moment between the two was pure gold.

Meanwhile, Jaime and Brienne’s reunion really tugged on the heartstrings. You could tell that they care for each other deeply. Brienne already loves Jaime, and it’s possible that Jaime’s fondness for Brienne might develop into something deeper. It was obvious that Brienne was the first person Jaime was looking for when he arrived (after encountering Bran.)

Jaime and Brienne’s reunion was so touching that near the end of the episode, Jaime even offered to knight Brienne, which she accepted through tears. I couldn’t have asked for a better reunion between the two.

Not to mention that moment when Brienne stood up for Jaime and vouched for him. Wow.

Of course, Tormund senses their connection and isn’t thrilled with it. That’s why he tries to up Jaime in the manliness category with his crazy story about the Giant’s wife.

And who can ever forget this moment from a previous season?

I think that in the end, Jaime and Brienne are endgame while Tormund is just some fun comic relief. What do you think?

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