Winter Town on ‘Game of Thrones’: Plot Recap & Background

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Winter Town is rumored to be making an appearance again in Game of Thrones Season 8. Here’s a look back at winter town and when it’s been on the show before, along with just what those rumors say.  This post has very minor spoilers about the Season 8 premiere based on filming rumors. 

Winter town is located just outside of Winterfell. The town formed during long winters when people gathered outside the Winterfell walls for protection. They built permanent structures as the years passed and the population grew, until it became the established town of winter town, according to the Game of Thrones wiki. The town is more seasonal, with populations

The town has appeared in the series a few times. In Season 1, Tyrion snuck into a brothel in winter town to have sex with the prostitute Ros. Jaime then went to the town to bring him back to Winterfell for a feast with the Starks. In Season 3 we learn that Ros grew up in winter town.

In Season 2, the two orphans that Theon Greyjoy killed to cover Bran and Rickon’s escape were from winter town.

In Season 5, Brienne and Podrick stay at an inn in winter town while she was trying to figure out a way to free Sansa from the Ramsay-controlled Winterfell.

Winter town is likely going to be one of the first places that the White Walkers attack before they hit Winterfell.

Back in January 2018, there were rumors that Winter Town would be featured in the first episode of Season 8. Winter Is Coming reported that the first scene of Season 8 would take place in Winter Town. Watchers on the Wall reported the same news. Winterfell will likely need to come to winter town’s aid, now that the Night King and his army have broken through the Wall, thanks to Ice Viserion. :(

David Nutter is directing the first episode of Game of Thrones. He’s also directing episodes 2 and 4 of the final season. Some fans were surprised by the news that Winter Town might be in the first part of the episode, but there will likely be an intriguing (or really sad) reason why.